97 E350 Crestline Ambo Build/Mod


Expedition Leader
Gates Scout II P/S lines, Inverted flare to O-ring fitting adapter, Flaming River DD slip shaft & U-joints, Mock up (bearing added inside bottom of column), test fit of 81 Toyota 4x4 TRE, ‘new’ 8274, and the new TRE beside the old one from my parts pile.

Scout II box, rebuilt ‘80 Chevy 3/4 ton Saginaw pump with double pulley swapped on, 70 Bel Air pitman arm (taper matched), 81 Toyota 4x4 TRE (5” longer works with stock 40 tie rod), scab plates, DOM crush tubes, and grade 8 hardware.

Result… palm steering 33x10.50s while on dry pavement.

Still needs:
New brake line
Mount shock towers
Centre steering wheel
Lock washers, nylock nuts, and locktite on set screws.