98 ZJ Roof Top Tent Rack suggestions


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Hey guys and gals,

I'm looking to get a roof top tent (the Smittybilt Overlander) and putting it on my 98 ZJ Laredo. I have factory parts up there and they are rated for 150lbs, but they bend when force is applied with my hands so I am apprehensive about using them.

I've been looking online for some replacements and it seems that most sites are only serving parts for WJ Jeeps and newer.

Does anyone have recommendations on what I could use to support a roof tent? Is there a sturdier crossbar that fits into the factory rack?

Here's what I have:


Thanks in advance.
Just use some load bars from Yakima or Thule - they have non-vehicle specifc options as long as your vehicle has the side rails. That way you can buy once/cry once. Also look of CL, LetGo OfferUp, and Marketplace - lots of lightly used options out there for a fraction of what they go for new.

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I'd be curios to know what you end up going with. I helped a buddy build a 98 ZJ for overlanding, and would like to put a RTT on top.
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