'99 Land Cruiser 90 Series diesel (Canada - JDM import)


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Bumper is all painted, getting winch ready to go in place... Also swapped wheels and tires since the snow is hopefully all done for now. BFG AT's on 17" AR's...

prado bump.jpg

Have new buckets coming to fill in the gaping holes in the wings of the bumper. Also need to actually bolt on those PIAA's. In the pic above they are simply laying there, pointing off into oblivion. And I guess pull those running boards off, at least until winter commuting starts again?
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JDM Journeys
Running boards got deleted just before I finished the bumper.
Also... The "Deluxe" ARB mounting kit (as I said earlier, they sent the wrong kit) came with a quasi-skidplate / gap-fill panel that I thought I wouldn't be able to use with the Sahara bar, but I managed to make it work. There's still room for airflow, but it protects some of the vulnerable bits under the bumper from flying debris, or errant rocks.

Now it's time to address the rubber elephant into the room: the tires that don't actually fit.
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JDM Journeys
Okay. So I bought this rig with winter tires on it, since it was winter, and I had to get it from the okanagan, back to Calgary, via the Rocky Mountains. And then I was going to be driving it the rest of the winter. Winter tires would be helpful in this goal.

However, the seller also included brand new BFG KO2's (what I would've picked) on 17" American Racing wheels (I wouldn't have picked AR's or 17's) and so beggars can't be choosers. I squeezed themn in the back (SWB remember?) and went on my merry way, with the knowlege from the seller, that "they fit, put you have to pull the mudflaps".

Fast forward till April 2020. I put the tires on. Pulled the mudflaps. Yeah... no go. There must't be any roads with turns in the Okananagan, because even attempting to get out of my garage resulted in scrapy scrapy.

SO... I cut some plastic from inner fender wells. Lightened the factory flaps. Even briefly revisited my youth as I pounded the body seam flat. All for naught. Tire still made contact at full loc.

Just for reference, the PO had purchased LT275-70R17's for this little machine. And wheels appeared to be 8" wide.

Challenge accepted.