99 Trooper before/after lift


Love seeing these troopers. I had a 96ish for a few years. All stock, but i really liked driving it. I'd totally own another. Burned about as much oil as gas, but never let me down.


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It’s great to see more Troopers out there getting after it!

Here’s my 1997 Trooper. I’m the original owner. It’s lifted about 2” with OME shocks all around and OME 929 springs in the back. The tires are Cooper MAXX 255/85/r16 which fit really well with the lift. Even when stock the Trooper was super capable. It’s been all over the Sierras, Mojave, and Death Valley.

I wish you luck on your roof rack. It’s been so hard trying to find a good roof rack still being made that uses the trooper’s own threaded mounting holes in the roof. I used to have two Yakima round bars (53”) on Q Tower bars. The Surco products (Safari rack and TR100 mounts) are ok, but the build quality is pretty bad. Most of the new “modular” racks like Frontrunner or Rhino will require removing the headliner and drilling new mounting holes in the roof.

I recently put together this current rack using extruded aluminum t-track, aluminum bars, and 3/4” aluminum angles. I drilled all the mounts so they fit the stock mounting points. Finally it’s a roof rack I’m pretty happy with. It’s compatible with all 10-series t-track hardware and is basically a copy of the Prinsu brand racks they made for Toyota’s.

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Do you have any more pics of your roof rack build? Been wanting to do this for a while