A Central Australian Expedition Tale


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Once upon a time, we packed the LandCruiser for a three week expedition to the Interior. A lasso rather than a lap. Our Expedition would take us into the ancient and stunning country of Central Australia.

Since our outback baptism, we had learned a few things. About ourselves, and how we travel. A few changes were made to the LandCruiser and we packed leaner, meaner....

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Nice report. I’ve just retired and when our old dogs journey to their afterlife we plan on getting a long term visa, purchase a vehicle there, and do a grand tour of your country for 6 to 9 months.
Thanks very much Ghost, you won’t regret it. Amazing country, I’m enjoying reliving this trip whilst we plan the next one for 2019. So much to see!

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You can apply for a generic (600 subclass?) Visa. It has a slightly higher application fee, but would get periods of up to two years. Will have to provide financial documentation of your ability to support yourself. 12 months was barely enough to cover the highlights for us.