A drone over NAMIBIA

Hello everybody

This is not really an "overland trip report"… but as you know, sometimes a single picture worth a thousand words.
Just a little and short movie about our overland expeditions in Namibia… seen from the sky. The main actor here is the beauty of nature.
The main regions travelled are the Kaokoland (remotest area of N-W Namibia), the Kunene region ( along Angola ), the Damaraland and the Namib Desert.
For the interested videographers, 2 different drones have been used here, the Blade Chroma with cgo3 4k (19mm) and the DJI Mavic Pro (28mm).
Hope you enjoy it. Don't hesitate to leave a message.

Wish you all the best.

View it in 4K big screen if you can ;)
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Very, very nice. I liked the music too. Probably the only video I have played recently not on Mute.
Scenery like that make one feel small..... really small

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