A new vario project

Work has progressed slightly, The hydraulic leveling system is now finished! engage the PTO and operate the switches on the remote control to lower each leg as required (one in each corner) to level up, it will also lift the wheels for tyre changing, or to put traction aids under the wheel.

The box body is now fully assembled, complete with windows, but I am still waiting for the door to arrive.

There are plenty of storage lockers, but they will need painting, along with the cab.

I have extended the rear of the chassis, and fitted a LPG tank and an extra fuel tank between the chassis rails along with the house batteries, I have also fitted a larger running fuel tank.
Just found this thread, it should be in the expedition campers part of the site! Its looking great. I'm trying to get hold of one of these to convert my vario to 4x4. Would you mind sharing how much you paid for it? PM me if its a sensitive matter.


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The cut through into the cab, Yes I know a lot of people don`t agree with this, but for me it makes it more user friendly, and if I want I could make a partition to shut it off in the future.
The heating system that I am using is the ALDE wet system, it uses very little electrical power, and you don`t get any cold spots like with the hot air system, it has the advantage of a heat exchanger so the living area is warm and the water is hot when you park up. its not a cheap system but I have in a touring caravan and am very happy with it. (obviously that does not have the heat exchanger)

I was quite fortunate and picked up a complete system from ebay removed from a damaged 2015 caravan, complete with the latest touch screen control. I then picked up a smart control so I can control the system from my smart phone!

The extras like the exchanger, and outdoor temperature sensor can all be obtained from an ALDE dealer.

All I have to do now is fit it all !!!
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This is the floor of the bathroom, raised by about 150mm to incorporate the under floor heating and all the water and drainage pipes.

The floor and internal walls are made of carlier plastics a sort of honey combe material that is smooth both sides.
I wanted to make the entrance door out of the same material as the body, but due to a miss measurement !! I was unable to use the removed material, in hind sight I think it may have been too difficult anyway, by the time the frame and seals were made and the locks ect.
I managed to have one manufactured at a reasonable cost, with two metal locks fitted, (for security) that also have a dead lock incorporated. I then fitted a small window that can be opened, that will allow a bit of through flow ventilation while traveling.

The steps were quite easily overcome, imported from USA. and fold away neatly.