A new vario project

I keep the truck system (24 volt) totally separate. (best kept original)

From the truck batteries I run a sterling battery to battery charger, 4 step, 24 to 24 volt, to 2 x 12 volt =24 volt house batteries, direct from these I run the fridge freezer at 24 volt,

I then run everything else, "house wise" through the 24 to 12 volt dropper, including the bed, but I have an emergency supply from one of the house batteries that I can patch in to the output terminals of the dropper, if it fails.
Road test with the air springs fitted appears to be a well worth while improvement, I ran at 2 bar on the front and 3 bar on the back.
its also interesting to see the pressure fluctuate as the springs flex!

On the whole it appears to make the ride far more comfortable. :luxhello:
I wonder if they can do Mercedes Sprinters...? Did they just need evidence that it is officially a motorhome now?
I don't see why they cant do sprinters, when I initially enquired, they said that they would need to contact Germany, but I then asked a guy in the parts department, that I buy quite a few parts from, He then called me back in half an hour saying it could be done, I booked in for the next morning, They had a bit of trouble getting in to the software, mine is on the old round plug not the OBD type, I guess the sprinter will be newer/easier.
I told them it was a camper when I booked in, but they could check with "dvla" from the reg number, and also see the vehicle.
I never did ask....whats the name of the Mercedes garage who did your limiter reset? I'll give them a call and see if they can do my sprinter.

Who did you ECU chip?
I got the speed limiter done at "intercounty mercedes at Toddington, Bedfordshire, 5 minutes from junction 12 of M 1

Apparently when they first went in to the ECU on the speed limiter side it was already set at 123 kph, I assured them it was limited to 52 mph ! and the service manager got involved, saying it could be limited in another part of the ECU, he eventually found it in another section.

The ECU upgrade was done by Martin Lane of Quantum,

Will you be at Adventure Overland this year.?
I'd love to go, but unfortunately I'll be away on business over that weekend. I've been saying it for years...but perhaps next year! At least the van will be complete for the next one. Thanks for the information, I'll give them a buzz once I have the van re-registered. If you don't mind me asking, how much did they charge you for the privilege?
My ALDE heating boiler kept throwing up a fault. it would say "overheat red fail"

Bearing in mind that I bought it second hand on ebay, I thought I would be on my own ! regarding support from the manufacturer.

I contacted them, and they suggested a couple of things that may help, but it did not fix it!
I took the truck along to them and they gave it the once over, and made a couple of adjustments, and said the installation is fine and it did`nt throw up any faults.

Well, in use the fault happened again! so I spoke to them again, saying that I had read that the circuit boards can fail. They said remove it and post it to them so they can test it. they said it had been on 24 hour test and had no faults, but they would send me a new latest version free of charge! This still did not fix the random fault, so I recontacted them, and they sent me a new set of heat sensors again FOC! so far all is good.

What a helpful bunch of guys. ALDE UK
I have just installed a new 3 stage water filter
As my Nature pure got blocked so quickly, I now run all drinking water through this first, because the nature pure filters are £50 but all 3 of these filters are only £10.
Has anyone had any experience with this unit? it is a household bit of kit so should easy be up to the job!
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