A tiny trailer build.


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I hope to build a tiny trailer. Don’t laugh please, this is a low budget project and I’m old and SLOW.
So far, I found a boat trailer for 50 bucks (and it came with a workable Hobie Cat 16!) and my neighbor just gave me a fiberglass topper. I want this thing to be light enough to pull behind my Kubota RTV, yet capable of road travel too.
So far, it looks like this. I want it to be tall enough to allow me to sit up on my cot that will be my bed in this. Looks like the size will be 6’ wide by 8’ long and 80” high or so.

I am visualizing a divider between those slanted rear windows, creating the kitchen area under the lift hatch. I also found a suitable door, that I think may be from a 20 something REO. This will be unique to say the least.


I just got the camper shell this morning so design is very much in flux. At this point, it looks like the door will work in that location. The rear half of the left side window can be moved back (black line on side of shell) and the door opening cut. The top of the door opening can be the top of the existing window opening.
I think that a 32” tall ‘box’ will be built to set the topper on. The supports for the Hobie Cat pontoons look like they can become the floor supports for the box.

Having fun!
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This is why I'm here. Guys with $100K can get stuffed, you are the inspiration.... and I am intrigued.

The trailer makes it road worthy. What you build is limited only by imagination.
The door is AWESOME !! Great campfire stories, even if you invent them.
The trailer looks brand new !!
Check the "Bug Out " build.

I'd love to camp next to you.
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Your concept is sound but that trailer is not what you want to start out with. With that narrow axle it will wallow side to side and ride terrible. With the narrow trailer frame the floor will be cantilevered out to support the side walls, just bad engineering. That side door will never work unless you are a very experienced fabricator. Put the door in the back.


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I have managed to collect some parts from a trailer being salvaged: lights, cargo doors, a window and the protective awning for the front window. I also got the old plywood stripped off the trailer and found a tongue box. The box is aluminum.


Those wide bars that supported the sailboat pontoons will be gone too. The ‘box’ will be just a few inches wider than the track of the tires. No worries.


The box was an electrical lighting kit for an army tent.