A Trip Back


Good on you for taking time out for family. One of the things I try to remember is when your gone everyone will remember your character and all the good memories. My dad past from lung cancer a couple years back. Unfortunately he was a work-a-holic and owned his own business so father son time was limited. But his biggest passion outside his liquor store was fishing. And we would go every time he had free time. Now when I go fishing no matter how much I love it too, it always feels like something is missing.... great story and an awesome FJ40, and cabin!


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I was thinking about those drum brakes and since I found the rear cyllinders leaking, I'm going to convert to 4 wheel discs. I'll be using brackets made by Poser on IH8MUD and Monte Carlo calipers.
One of the best mods ever for driving a 40, you will love it.

Great trip report and write-up, thanks!


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Sweet writeup!

Love the 40....almost makes me feel guilty for having the 100 series....

BTW...I used the BTB Products rear disk brake mounts and found the conversion very easy. You'll want to verify you can use your original brake master cylinder with the new disks, and I had to add a proportioning valve to get the f/r braking dialed in when I did my '77 40 series.

I think MoGas just did this conversion on a 68 or 69 FJ40, so you might PM him and see if there were issues....



Dittos to the "great story and photos" comment. I miss the dad I never really knew and have tried to make my relationship with my two boys the one I wished I could have had with my own father.


The parts are starting to arrive for the disc conversion. Brackets and turned out rotors from Steve on MUD:

Calipers, brake lines and hardware from Autozone:

Wilwood master and adapter from ManA Fre:



Dittos to the "great story and photos" comment. I miss the dad I never really knew and have tried to make my relationship with my two boys the one I wished I could have had with my own father.
Sounds like you have some lucky boys.
I spoke to my dad last night and was giving him an update on the brake conversion. He's looking forward to the next trip without all of the drama of marginal stopping power.
After looking at what I had when I tore down the drums, I'm surprised I hadn't had an accident. One of the front shoes had split in half and delaminated from the shoe, I had 4 leaking cylinders and every stop was at least a 2 pump affair. I love old vehicles but to put my son at risk in a dangerous vehicle is pretty irresponsible. If anyone is sitting on the fence about upgrading an essential safety system, just do it.


Hard to believe 8 years have gone by since I posted this thread. My Dad passed a couple days after Christmas and I was thinking about our trip up to the Navarro and how much I miss him. It's truly a gift to have your parents thru your adult life and to have them as involved and active as mine have been. The Mendocino cabin was built because they recognized way back in 1966 that they couldn't afford big vacations for a family that grew to 7 kids off in some hotel in some nameless city. We had a little slice of heaven for two weeks every year under the north coast redwoods where there were only 2 rules. Play as hard as you can and always be back for dinner. That's it. We chopped wood, cleared brush, cooked, cleaned paddled kayaks and canoes to the beach, played ditch, tag, rode bikes and built forts.

In 2004 they fell in love with Montana, purchased 11 acres north of Polebridge and built another cabin. Even in their 70's they were thinking about family and giving the next generation the same memories of raising a structure from the ground and having a place to gather, to cook and eat together, to make music together and to just play. My son learned to fly fish on the North Fork of the Flathead River at 6, build forts in Red Meadow Creek and ride motorcycles. His encounter with a grizzly bear on his XR400 is something we still laugh about.






We'll be making one more journey with Dad to Montana this summer. His wishes were to spread his ashes under a big Larch on the property. We'll be cooking, playing music and celebrating the greatest man I've ever known.