Abandoned/derelict sites


Hamblin, UT was totally abandoned by 1900, all that remains is the cemetery. One of my friends family was a settler there, his nephew had the history marker done. Not too far off the hiway on dirt roads.



Thornton Melon's Kid
I'd have a field day in that abandoned auto yard Brett!! Good find
It was a bodyshop with @ 6 cars out in front. The old timer across the street said no one had been around in at least 5 years. If I didn't already have plans to shoot a couple more places in Sagnasty, I would have kept clicking.

One of the other places I hit. I had the cat lady's house on my short list since the city decide it needed to be demo'd.


1st trip 006.JPG

Great thread! Most of my travels are old buildings and much of my living income came from old buildings, I'll get some posted in the next few days. This thread is a treat for the eyes!


Love the pics. I've collected a few myself but don't have them in anywhere I can share them right now.

Be careful checking these places out. Many of these places are full of asbestos, PCBs, and enough mold to make you sick with minimal exposure.