Abandoned/derelict sites

Cool photos! Where is that? I can't believe that hull is just floating there. That would be a fun project to work on.

BTW, need to teach your daughter to salute like an American, and not the silly British way. :)
Wiki says she is the Aries: " USS Aries PHM-5 Hydrofoil Memorial, Inc. obtained Aries for rehabilitation as a memorial located on the Grand River in Brunswick, Missouri at
39°25′15″N 93°7′47″W / 39.42083°N 93.12972°W / 39.42083; -93.12972."

Fascinating that someone saved that PHM. I had a tour of the Pegasus back in the early 90's, hadn't thought much about what happened to them till I scrolled through this thread and realized one was just floating there, foils up, and thus a quick look through google took me back a bit.
What started as a long-weekend trip 8 years ago has become an annual trip to explore the abandoned mines of northern Ontario. This year, we spent a week checking out sites along Lake Superior's north shore.

I bought a proper off-road vehicle specifically for these trips, and there's always a lot of fun driving involved.




When we reached this old mine near a ghost town, I sent Archer to check it out on his own, because it had always been frozen over when I had visited it in the past (it's not uncommon to have ice year-round in a lot of these mines). When he came back and told me that all the ice had melted, I reluctantly climbed the steep hill to join him at the adit, but really wasn't expecting much. Boy, was I wrong.



Overlanding off in the middle of nowhere always provides such beautiful sights; even when the weather is terrible.


Although almost everything we explored was underground, we did stop off at one ghost town in the area.




This last site was our main goal for this trip. We had visited the mine 4 times in the past, but never really found our way underground into the bulk of the workings. This year we finally succeeded, and the scale of the place blew our minds.



12. A stick of dynamite just laying around





And finally, a gorgeous sunset over Lake Superior