Abandoned/derelict sites

Cool photos! Where is that? I can't believe that hull is just floating there. That would be a fun project to work on.

BTW, need to teach your daughter to salute like an American, and not the silly British way. :)
Wiki says she is the Aries: " USS Aries PHM-5 Hydrofoil Memorial, Inc. obtained Aries for rehabilitation as a memorial located on the Grand River in Brunswick, Missouri at
39°25′15″N 93°7′47″W / 39.42083°N 93.12972°W / 39.42083; -93.12972."

Fascinating that someone saved that PHM. I had a tour of the Pegasus back in the early 90's, hadn't thought much about what happened to them till I scrolled through this thread and realized one was just floating there, foils up, and thus a quick look through google took me back a bit.