Abenteuer & Allrad 2016


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Planning to go the first two days..
but you all know how plans go :)
probably hopefully and with a bit of luck ill se you there!
I will be there for a few days this year, really looking forward to it. We will be flying in and out of Amsterdam, then renting a car to get down to Bad Kissinngen. Would love to meet up with anyone if it works out.
I've never been, but hoping to travel over from the UK. Is it worth going for all 4 days, or are two days enough? Anyone looking for a lift or has a place from the UK, please get in touch. Wondering about driving over and camping a few days.
Hi Chaps, If your driving over get there early on the Wednesday as the locals rope off the best areas from monday on, by weds eve the main 2 campsite fields will be almost full.
We normally get there by noon on the Weds and leave before the rush on the Sunday, the showground is not all there is to the show - the campground is worth walking and talking your way around, we meet up with others from around the world we have met in previous years.

If it rains .. great... £500K camping trucks stuck in 2" of mud or a Mog that is struggling for traction on wet grass all good fun.

If your late arriving it's gallling to see huge areas roped off but that's the way its done and the Germans don't complain about nor see anything wrong with reserving space for friends that may or may not turn up, last year it was rammed over all 5 fields by thursday night but with unoccupied roped off areas in the center of things.

I can't make it this year so hoping to see plenty of photos from those that do go, there is not that much for landrovers Its not billing but you will see some quality stuff from the smaller sellers you dont get in the UK

Oh and buy your beer from the Aldi at the entrance ASAP they have been known to sell out & its seriously cheap - they recycle the plastic bottles in store you will get paid to bring your empties back.!

have fun
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Meet Up


Super busy lately. We are still planning on attending.

Don't know if we will be camping, may do a two day trip. Depends on availability of campsites.