Abenteuer & Allrad 2016


Gearing up - paring down
Inflateable RTT...Because they could?

Great fabric, but overall not for me.

My wife had to pry me away from the Defender goodies at Matzker and Naka.


Gearing up - paring down
image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg

I still need to post my pics and sorry I missed you Kgh. I will admit that it does seem that the "scene" is pretty pricey.
I have long contemplated an off road bumper and found one that I really liked at the event. The downside is that it was 1K euro
for the bumper alone! None the less, I am extremely happy that I was able to attend.
It was complete 4xPorn. Luckily, my work status means I do not pay Euro VAT, so I knock 19% off items I can buy in Germany.

It was hard to decipher shiny bits from functionality. A stainless CNC made front skidplate is cool, but the $90 galvy one I mail ordered does the same thing.

It Was nice to go hands on with drawer systems, roof racks, and the like.
Matzker has some very nice stuff but far to spendy for me, I really like the alcantara steering wheels though:drool:

The landrover shows in the UK are up soon so will be picking up some replacement stuff for mine, a set of canvas seat covers are on the shopping list.

regards and thanks for the pics.