Abenteuer & Allrad (Adventure Wheel) 2013, Germany May/June 2013


Your welcome, some fantastic vehicles at the show and the camp ground.
sadly can't make it this year as i'm almost out of holidays - it sucks being a wage slave:(

hope someone else will post lots of photo's.

regards all

Tom Mc

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Just to rub it in, I was there - annoying eh? A rather late post, but better late than never!

A couple of shots taken over the weekend. From the sublime ...

... to the ridiculous. Haven't German vehicle builders ever heard of a hacksaw? Those U-bolts are never going to get caught on a tree truck or a rock are they? Daft!



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Good point about those bolts... But I know from my time at Unicat, that it's not uncommon that companies work on their trucks till the last minute and therefore it could be that they just ran out of time to finish that detail.

For example, we brought a truck to a show in pieces... and it was assembled for the first time EVER the night before the show opened :) unicat16.jpg

Tom Mc

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I can appreciate that. When I competed in the Paris-Dakar, we were still making adaptations right up until scrutineering. I even saw a Peugeot mechanic slip under a works entry just before the start line to make some last-minute changes. Well, it was a French event so the officials were conveniently looking the other way at the time.

Same for shows. As you pointed out, working all night to get vehicles ready is not uncommon. That's life.