Adding A/C to an OM366LA in an 1120

Sorry for all the posts but has anyone added a bracket for an A/C compressor to an OM366LA? I have been looking around the engine bay and things seem a bit tight. This is my first choice but if not possible I am open to suggestions.
Ours is underneath the engine. I am out of country right now so have no pictures or specifics. I would also not reduce the spring pack. You may find yourself not far off GVW when complete.
Mounting the compressor is the hardest part. The first thing to establish is whatvpullybis going to drive it. When activated the compressor has a significant drag so peering it from an ancillary pulley, such as alternator or water pump , is a risk to the bearings that device . The only real post slice is the bottom pulley on the crank. The first thing to check is if you have a spare wot o this pulley, if not you can change it for one with a spare drive belt slot.
I managed to re manufacture the water pump bracket and raise the water pump up about 4 inches and this created enough space to mount the compressor under the water pump and above the fuel pump. Its tight but fits fine. I will be tilting the cab in the next few days so will take lots of pictures for you .

Hey guys, thought I would share some recent photos that Joe917 was good enough to send me. Now I think I might have a plan on how to mount the AC compressor. From what I see in the pictures it looks like MB had 2 different front engine "cradles" (the beam the front of the engine is bolted to, then that beam is bolted to the engine mounts). Below is the picture from Joe, this picture was taken looking up from underneath the truck, the oil pan is the upper left so the mount is just in front of the oil pan.


Now this is how mine is setup.
Front engine mount.jpg

Slightly different angle with the picture but for some reason we have a cross brace that is not in Joe's picture (the red one on the right). You can see the pulley that Joe's AC is belted to right between the "cradle" and the cross brace. So it looks like to make it fit I would need to modify both of these bits. The cradle would be removed and the AC bracket bit fabricated and welded on (or maybe a complete new one). The cross brace would need a bit of massaging to get enough space for the belt to get by. I guess this is why the thought never occurred to me that this was where the factory installed it, but now makes sense. Thanks Joe.


You might check out Bill Caid's write-up about adding one to his 1017. An OM352A engine, but maybe some useful information.
photo copyright - Bill Caid
Thanks for the picture. I'll take a look but I do not think there is space there. On our engine there is (I think) a combined air pump/power steering pump. Plus I think that since our cab is smaller they made the engine hump a bit tighter to add space inside (this is a guess as I have not seen a 1017 in person, but this picture looks like it). If I get time tomorrow I'll tilt the cab and take a look, and post a picture. Below is a page from our owners manual about tensioning the AC belt. It shows Joe's factory setup.
AC Bracket.jpg
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