Adjusting the idle on a OM366LA

I removed the firebox yesterday and in the process cut 2 Bowdon cables. I have since learned from a very helpful guy in Germany that these cables were for regulating the engine speed for the pto driven pump in the back of the truck. Once you cut those cables you need to adjust the idle as now the truck idles too low and stalls. I'll follow the linkage that the bowdon cables were connected to find where it is connected. Now, on our boat there is a simple screw for the adjustment. How do you set the idle on an OM366LA?
On my Mercedes small truck (OM314) the ilde is set via the adjustment knob and fixpoint on the bowdon cable that attaches to the speeder linkage. The knob is also the engine turn off when pressed down it cuts the fuel flow off. It then moves the speeder linkage in the opposite direction as when accelerating, this midpoint so to speak is the ilde point, - also turning the wheel on the kill knob clockwise lowers the rpm, anticlockwise rises the rpm . Might be the same on bigger engines.... I also removed the bowdon cable from the PTO in front of my ex-fire-truck.
On our U1300L (OM366), you can adjust the idle with the engine kill knob. You can twist to adjust idle, and press down hard to shut off the engine. I’m not familiar with your truck, but it might be something similar.


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There are probably ways to set the absolute idle, but, at least ad interim, use the hand throttle on the steering column.
Our MB917 OM366 has the throttle and hand throttle running to the same linkage. Idle can be regulated with the hand throttle (knob on rt side steering column). Shut off is by the floor operated pneumatic engine brake that shuts off fuel. (engine cannot be shut off with this switch without being aired up)
Ok, funny but I am still figuring out the hand throttle. I did see a broken bowdon cable at the throttle linkage that I need to track back but I'll bet that is why the hand throttle seems tricky to figure out.

At the point that the throttle linkage attaches to the engine there looks to be an adjustment there. I did not have the correct open end wrench with me but I checked it by hand and a very little adjustment will get it right again. Will do this tomorrow.

Also decided today that I will by a mig welder and learn to weld. I spent the entire day with a "welder" making a temporary battery rack. First no metal, then no drill, then oops made it so it loops around the air tanks so I'll need to cut it off when I remove it (not what I told him to do), then oops cut too short so weld in a patch, holes drilled in the wrong end (each time has to leave to go to a place with a drill) and to top it off ran out of metal before it was complete... I guess I am just too picky.


Ours is the same as Joe's. Low down on the right hand side of the of the steering column is a turn knob. This allows me to adjust the revs from idle at about 550 rpm to about 1200 rpm.

If I back it off too much the engine stalls.

I don't think my idle is set at the pump but is set this way and is linked to the throttle cable. Like an adjustable throttle stop

Thanks, I believe ours was also like this new from the factory(with the knob). I am pretty sure the cable that is hooked to that knob is broken though (I see a broken morse cable at the bracket that the throttle pedal is attached to, something I need to fix). I was able to set the idle right at the pump. Actually I am not sure even if I set it with the knob you are talking about that I would not set the pump adjustment for the minimum (though I could be wrong, I am new to all this). When the fire pump with remote throttle control was still on, the adjustment on that cable set the minimum throttle for idle. Not sure why it was like that.

Check out the pump. On ours there is a barrel adjuster (not sure of the real name). Back off a small nut that locks it and give it a few turns. This is how I set ours and is similar to our diesel on the boat. I can only think that by setting the idle low at the pump (low enough to stall) and using the remote knob, that it would give you a second way to shut down the engine. Anyone know if manually pulling (to reduce the fuel) on the throttle at the pump to shut down will cause any harm? I see what looks to be a remote starter button on the engine and wonder if that is how they expect you to shut it down if you do that.
The remote starter on the engine allows you yo start the engine with the cab tilted(key must be left on). Shut off is achieved by pulling the throttle shut.