Adrift in Space


Phoo, one thing we find as we get older is that we're the same person we were when we were younger. Behind your eyes, you'll always be the same person even when all around you think you remind them of their dad or, worse, their granddad.

When my wife and I hit the road in 1992, we found that most people we ran into that were doing what we were doing were older than we were too.
Truer words were never spoken. At 60 years old now, everyone calls me Mister and Sir. I still feel much like I did 30 years ago, other than all the abuse I heaped on my body before 30 has come home to roost. One advantage, I can tell when the weather is going to change and never have to worry about over sleeping. Everything starts aching a day before a front hits, and I wake up after 6 hours of sleep with some ache or pain that only walking around for a minute cures.

I think this adventure has been great, do it while you are able, too many I have known didnt make it to the age to do it when they got older. Fight the good fight.


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I truly enjoyed your trip reports. Your unique perspective only added to the enjoyment. Thank you for taking us along!


Thanks all for riding along!

I am now very much enjoying my new role as an armchair explorer, reading reports from Dan Grec, Lightcycle and the rest of our little tribe.


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Great trip report. Very true that you can slow down time by doing new/different/uncomfortable stuff. Very inspirational