Adventure Tool Company's 4wd Provan Tiger Build

The Tiger is resting for a couple of weeks and receiving some routine maintenance before the big push later this summer and fall (OE East). I'm thrilled with the health of the 5.7. It's always been run on synthetic oil and even with 160k on the motor it still isn't burning any oil between oil changes (every 5k). Planning a new HD radiator and finally getting the airbags put on, just waiting for the spring rains to stop and some nice days. IMG_3009.JPG
Spending this week completing some interior upgrades on the Tiger. Removed and added a new storage cubby / sofa headboard so the sofa is more comfortable for reading or lounging. Added an additional shelf in the wardrobe. Rebuilt the kitchen cabinet and counter top to better accommodate the Norcold fridge. Reconfigured the drawers. Added a new sink. Added sliding doors to the under sofa storage area to get rid of the darn pull down (fall down) storage door. Adding new flooring. IMG_20180724_091447217.jpg IMG_20180724_091439304.jpg IMG_20180724_153011608.jpg IMG_3136.JPG IMG_3138.JPG IMG_3139.JPG IMG_3140.JPG
Finished the upgrades! Replaced the old fabric sofa endcap. New larger kitchen counter top with sink. New kitchen drawers with slid locks. Extended the frame around the power converter. Replaced the fabric under sofa compartment closure with sliding doors. Added New shelf to wardrobe. New frame around the fridge and handle/support bracket to top bunk and kitchen cabinets to help get out of the top bunk. Finishing some trim today! Getting ready for our Thanksgiving trip to Moab. IMG_3150.JPG IMG_3151.JPG IMG_3152.JPG IMG_3154.JPG IMG_3155.JPG IMG_3156.JPG
One of the great (🙄) things about mid-nineties trucks is parts are cheap and the repairs are relatively easy. The Tiger threw an ABS 23 code the other day. What's cool is you use a paper clip in the OBD terminal and the ABS light blinks out the code. This code was for the front right ABS sensor. A quick run to NAPA for the part and drop the front wheel, brakes, rotor and dust shield and install the new sensor and all's good. Onto next project! IMG_20180729_091138716_HDR.jpg
Another good project day! Got halfway through my Airlift bag install. This one seems to be taking longer (since my install on my other K2500) for two reasons: First, there is a few camper body pieces that are in the way so it's taking a longtime to get the frame braces in. Second, it's a pain in the a$$, knees, back and head working on a gravel driveway!! Man I miss my old shop and can't wait for my new one to be finished. Anyway, I'll finish up tomorrow and take it for a test drive. IMG_3163.JPG IMG_3164.JPG IMG_3167.JPG


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I know exactly what you mean on the gravel.... I have saved a bunch of big pieces of foam that have come in shipping, they help a bit...

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All back together! Took it for a test drive and could feel the difference between just Springs and now with air bags. It seemed to more stable and solid versus kinda a swooshy Cadillac ride. Look forward to our up coming road trip to OE East! IMG_3172.JPG
4 years ago I took our LC FJ60 over Hagerman Pass with no issues.....learned today that it was very badly rutted on the shelf road near the top and made the command decision to not try to flex the Tiger and suspension that much. Well, that led to a 57 point turn on the shelf road! Thanks to my wifey co-pilot we did it with no drama! Another great thing about a 19ft Tiger! IMG_3242.JPG IMG_3246.JPG IMG_3247.JPG
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After having lunch on the pass we wandered around Lake and found a nice little camp spot in the Baby Doe campsite. We were surprised how crowded all the camp sites are this time of year. Great weather. IMG_3250.JPG IMG_3252.JPG ED656628-F327-4455-89DA-F7FA535ED218.jpeg