Adventure Tool Company's 4wd Provan Tiger Build


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Composites like that are not terribly intuitive. CF might have a higher tensile strength, but the resin still makes up a significant part of the mix. Toughness (total energy absorbed prior to complete failure) may be comparable between the two. Crushing strength for a 3D object can also be heavily impacted by thickness of the buildup, so a thinner buildup with CF (with similar tensile strength) may not perform as well.

Its analogous to high strength aluminum alloys and steel. The Al may have similar tensile strength, but the steel is much tougher, taking significantly more energy to reach ultimate failure.

In the end I am sure they are both safe, its just an interesting consideration.


Kapitis Indagatoris
We never added the sofa table back into the Tiger but, my talented wood working neighbor had a left over Boos Butcher block counter top from a custom job and we (he) cut out the new table. Should look great in the Tiger and gives me a place to place my bourbon finally!




Kapitis Indagatoris
One of the benefits of being quarantined is I’m finally going through my analog “tub-o-photographs” file and found these great shots of our 2002 special order Ford F-350 “0ff-Road” crew cab, 4wd, V10, dually, plow/camper/ambo packages with a custom Lance 1130 hauling our 1994 Samurai. Ford wasn’t offering the off-road package on the f350 back then, but I knew the fleet manager and he got it added. I seem to recall it came with skid plates, shocks and decals. we put a ton of miles on that beast, all east of the Rockies, before the midlife crisis....