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Ok so I am looking at buying either an AT or a Sierra 4x4 trailer next spring. Does anyone have any recommendations or experiences with either company? I'm not so concerened with AT. I have researched their products and I believe them to be solid. Sierra 4x4 also appears to be of good quality and at a significant price difference. I just haven't seen as much posted about Sierra as I have AT. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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ccfdcal, if you have not seen an AT up close, we will have 2 Chasers at SEMA Nov 1-4 in the outside vehicle display. I see from your avatar that you are in Henderson. Drop me a PM, I'll give you my mobile # and I will give you the full tour.


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We purchased a used AT Horizon a little over a year ago. I've had a few occasions to speak with both Mario and Martyn, and have always found that the level of customer service they provide is nothing but superb. We get treated just as though we had bought the trailer new from them. Great guys to deal with.


I would buy a AT Trailer, you cant go wrong, as you get what you pay for and also the resale value is there if need be. I see the Sierra Trailer has leaf springs, no where near as good as the air bag suspension of the AT on and or off road. My 2 cents.


Both are excellent trailers. AT has been involved heavily with off roading and it appears to be their lives as well. I have looked at their trailers closely for the last few years, and set them as the standard to be at or above. There are other quality trailers on the market. Be sure to look at everything when spending this type of money is my only recommendation.


Highly recommend AT

I purchased a new Horizon about a year and half ago. I could not be happier with my decision and my purchase.
I think you can find a great deal of information on this portal (as well as others) about the build quality, the design detail and unequaled off-road suspension of ATs. I have put about 30K miles on my trailer (with about half of these hard off-road miles) and have found the AT product flawless. The rave reviews are not overstated.
As someone who has worked for 25 years in some of the better consumer product companies around (Nike, Patagonia) I can state quite unequivocally that there is no better customer service anywhere than that offered by AT. Martyn and Mario continually go way above and beyond anything I have ever encountered for any product. They respond immediately, they never, ever, nickel and dime customers and follow up quickly with advice, shipments, and questions.
ATs are not cheap. The simple reality, however, is that you get what you pay for. And then some. Buy an AT. You won't be disappointed.
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I can't tell you what you should spend your money on. I can tell you that both products are designed and built by guys who use the products themselves and would probably be making them even if it weren't their jobs. I know the owners of both companies and have spent time in each of their shops. They are good guys who I am proud to consider my friends. I know that the design decisions they make in their products are based on hard-won, real-world experience.

If I were shopping for a trailer my decision would come down to the features I want and my budget. Both are solid products so choose the one that fits the best for you.
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I had the owner of Sierra 4x4 Trailers build a one of a kind jeep for me. His work is top notch, and attention to detail is second to none. I have never seen someone with as fine an eye for details and the small things. It really is amazing. He can and will build pretty much anything you want, so if you don't see it, call him and ask. He'd be glad to talk to you about your dream trailer and build you the perfect one. He work blows me away and he is a nice guy too. He has made some super custom trailers for his clients and he takes care of them and stands beside his products 100%.

AT is no joke either, obviously they haven't become what they are by making bad trailers. Their prices are overly high IMO, and because you pay more doesn't mean the product is inherently better, especially in this case.

Either way you'd be happy, but don't discount S4x4 just because he isn't as well known as AT. I really suggest calling Chris, the owner of S4x4, and talk to him directly. He'll take care of you for sure.


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Things to think about... How much space you need? Who is coming with you? Do you like to cook? Our AT Horizon is perfect. We spend a lot of time cooking and the Horizon makes it so convenient. The external storage boxes keep you well organized and you don't have to go searching through the main box to find what you need. This is especially helpful when you have stopped on the road or trail for a bite.


I'm still amazed at what the AT Chaser can do. Very happy with trailer, no buyers remorse. Customer service second to none.:ylsmoke:

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We are a newer company in the eyes of the Expo forum crowd, so here are couple items about us. First we come from 30 years of Family aviation biz, so failure is not a option.

As far as leaf spring vs. Air bag..we offer both, but most of our customers prefer the soft ride leaf springs that is proven and maintenance free. We offer the independent air bag suspension as a option.

We also can build any trailer you want for a fair price, 90% of the trailers are manufactured and assembled in house. So this mean you start with a blank canvas, and you are the artist and and we are your brush and paint. :)

Our trailers like AT's come with Title's and VIN's approved by the DMV.

All of Sierra 4x4 Trailers are in CAD programs. So if your trailer is custom and you need parts 10 years from now, we keep the drawing's in a file so that is not a issue.

*Added Info: We are bit overwhelmed with orders right now so we apologize if we do not return call's or E-mails that day. We are also working hard to speed up the build time on our trailers. Plus we have been working on new layouts on our trailers to make it possible to have a customer order a trailer, and it would be ready for delivery in 2 weeks. This new layout is not a go as of right now, and will take some time to stream line this plan.*
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