Adventures of Hodor, A Gladiator Build Thread

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If you air down these 37”s you could most likely make it work.
I agree 100% - it's absolutely perfect to squeeze into a 20 footer which is fantastic, because you'll save a ton of money compared to other shipping options.

I wouldn't be scared to air down to ~10psi for the final vehicle length you have to drive into / out of the container.

Thanks again, super helpful.

Whenever you're ready there are many of us eagerly waiting to drool over any more photos you post! :D


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Stunning! First Gladiator build that’s got me tempted to switch from the JK. Any more pics on how the inside is set up!


Stunning! First Gladiator build that’s got me tempted to switch from the JK. Any more pics on how the inside is set up!
I'd have to agree with you there. I've been eyeballing this setup and one that has an AT Habitat for it's camper. I'd love to see some more interior pics as well.

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I also have to say stunning! What a fun, fun time that is! Talk about going anywhere and camp!


Thanks everyone!

There isn’t much to see inside, we just have our National Luna 52 fridge strapped down and powered by a Dometic PLB40 battery and a portable solar panel.

We are on a limited budget, and also need to wait for more companies to bring product to market.

Since the JT bed is short (5’), we don’t have a ton of real estate to work with. Our future plans are to include:

A dual battery and roof mounted solar

One small cabinet on either driver or passenger to store our gear.

Water storage, and some method of shower.

So for now, we just pack in a few totes and keep a load bar to keep everything from flopping around while trail riding. Not ideal, but don’t want to drill a bunch of holes in the bed until we know what solution we want.......which means we have to wait. Something we have become quite good at lately.


Chris @venture4wd has an episode where he was staying in a OK4WD rig (Tacoma?) with an AluCab. Had a pretty trick little propane fireplace in the back wall. I don’t recommend watching unless you want to spend money. He also tried another one of their rigs that was fully fitted out with Goose Gear cabinets etc. Some pretty cool ideas for use of limited space.
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Recommended books for Overlanding