Advice for soon to be father...

Best advice I can give:

Be a parent, not a best friend.

Be consistent.

Kids are extremely durable,

Don't leave them at home when you are out having fun. The best way to influence their idea of fun is to have fun as a family..

Also, everyone has an idea of how to parent, take in what they have to share and find what works for you.

Breathe. There are times I want to strangle my kid, tell him to shut up, or just go away. Patience goes a long way in parenting. But there will be times when you flip out. If your reaction is reasonable, let the moment pass then talk about it when the emotions have passed or simmered down. If your reaction is unreasonable, apologize. It's ok to not be perfect as a parent(there is no such thing as a perfect parent). Admitting you made a mistake and can apologize is a huge positive example to set.

Encourage your kids to make their own mistakes. Learning from failure is better than not doing due to fear of failure.

Let them play with fire. Let them get dirty. Let them play in the mud, swim in creeks, climb trees.

And as someone else said, make sure to take time with your wife. Your relationship with her should be first.


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Let your kid roll around in the dirt and play with sticks and bugs. Don’t helicopter the little dudes. They’ll be fine.

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Let your kid roll around in the dirt and play with sticks and bugs. Don’t helicopter the little dudes. They’ll be fine.

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Do mot leave them in the dressing room with mom and walk away.

Thry will crawl under the door faster than mom can get redressed and be runnin around the store with freaked out parents

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I have kids 8, 6, and 4. They like the digital experience, but if you take them outside they will learn to enjoy it all on their own. It helps to have some outside toy's, but it doesn't take much. Most parks have some pretty great outdoor type toys for kidos. Snacks are important, they always get hungry every 2 hours it seems when camping. Try to keep cooking/cleaning to a minimum or avoid entirely as it gets frustrating trying to watch kido's and cook at same time and don't assume your wife will help watch kids while you cook. In fact don't assume your wife will help you with anything. The lower your expectations are of her the better off you will be. Avoid blow up mattress if possible cause the kids will thinks it's their toy and you will end up sleeping on a flat mattress after they jump all over it. It's like taking a bounce house camping and then asking the kids not to bounce on it, they can't help themselves. They also take too much time to blow up and deflate. Bring a small baby monitor when their young so you and wife can relax by the fire when they go to bed early.
Best advice I can give. Get that kid mobile as soon as possible. In other words, don't be the parents who keep their fragile new human locked up in a house for the first year of its life. Take it home from the hospital, give it a 2 hour nap at home, then toss it in the car and go somewhere. I am not saying to take a one day old kid camping..... take it to home depot for some materials, hit the drugstore, get some gas in the car......Get it used to going places and seeing things as soon as possible.

Not related to camping: Never ever ever let the kid sleep in your bed. They will get used to that fast. Its hard to make a second kid while the first kid is sleeping in your bed if you know what I mean. <--this can have a negative effect on a marriage.

Congrats and best of luck!
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Your kids will be as drawn to electronics as you are. I run a hobby business that sucks me to the "net" way to much. My kids see that and want to get on their pads or phones, or whatever. I am working hard to purposely unplug at home. Screens are EASY babysitters, but you pay for it in the end....