AEV vs RK VS OME 2-2.5" Springs for Wildly Varying Jeep Weight

AEV vs RK VS OME 2-2.5" Springs for Wildly Varying Jeep Weight

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OverAnalyzer is my dilemma. My Jeep JKU Rubi overall weight varies dramatically.

The Mopar 2" lift springs are too damned soft/not cutting it when loaded for work/camping.

So which set?

- AEV 2.5 springs (progressive or dual rate),
- RK TripleRate Springs
- OME Springs - true linear. Considering the medium weight springs.

Spring gurus ...time for your spring geekness to come out!

Would like to maintain Mopar 2" Lift Fox Shocks (but will install Synergy shock kits if necessary)...

Uses : running around town (empty), going on a camping /offroading trip (heavy), doing field work (heavy), or hauling a heavy trailer (empty, lots of tongue weight).

Around town, empty form, weight is around 5000#: Jeep is basically empty, save the perm heavy mods (AEV full front bumper, syth winch, group 31 battery, ACE rock rails, stock rubi rails, titan Fuel carrier (empty) on Teraflex Carrier, roof rack (TBD - KMS LoPro/Rhino/Nebo), dual air compressor & tank, 2nd battery under deleted 40 rear seat, 20# of radios, 100# of sound insulation, etc.

Field work / Camping trip - Approaches 6000# with dog, water, cooler, food, gear, wife, kid, etc.

I am open to the idea of fitting airbags again (per @jscherb and others) to handle rear squat.

This is posted on a Jeep forum, but the members here seem to be more focused on overlanding/loaded vehicle travel...hoping to get that perspective as well (since I love car camp/overlanding).


Man I dont know but here is what I will tell you. I had to add a 1 inch spacer to my AEV 2.5 inch lift in the rear as the weight of my J30 and gear was too heavy. It sits nicely now with said spacer however I have been thinking of upgrading to the 3.5 inch as that lift is geared towards all the extra weight. At least that is what I have read and understood about the difference in the springs. But that decision is still a ways off. Good luck with whatever you decide.


The weight varies of course in my Jeep JKU Rubicon) between nothing in it, to loads of gear and an rtt, and or pulling a small trailer sometimes. I have the AEV 2.5 inch lift and am simply going to add the Airliftbags for those occasions when it is loaded. Just a for what it is worth idea for ya..


I currently have the AEV 2.5 and I'm thinking of going with the airbags. I have thought of replacing the springs with OME but its to much work at this time.


A little late to this thread but I run my JKU in similar fashion other than having 3.5" lift. I initially voted for the AEV but quickly realized the 2.5" and changed my vote to OME as their coils at that height IMO are better suited for the extra load. For some reason the AEV 2.5 is softer than the 3.5". That said, if you can handle going up to a 3.5" lift I cannot say enough good things about my AEV 3.5 suspension. Like you I run in a wide variety of configurations, summer time no top or doors to pulling my utility trailer around town hauling rocks, dirt, building supplies etc (have hit 11k combined weight at the scales!..not recommending that) to our winter travels to Montana with all our gear and pulling a sled trailer with two sleds on it. Anyway the AEV suspension might ride a little firm for some in summer mode but I like it and it performs great with all the weight and towing safely across the mountain passes in the winter. I am sure it squats when loaded but its not much as I am not blinding drivers or cannot tell much of a difference even with my HID headlights with a crisp cutoff. To top it off I am at 180k on this jeep which the suspension has been on there the whole time and if it has sagged, it has been minimal and even, I have had to replace the Bilstein shocks and while I am not overly happy with them (seem a little soft for my liking) for financial reasons I did replace mine with the same AEV bilstein shocks.