Agile Offroad Ride Improvement (RIP) Kit - What a difference!

I thought I would start a NEW thread for the Agile Offroad RIP kit since the other one is VERY old and things have changed a lot since that old thread was created.

Anyway on with this thread...

I was experiencing the same issues as other Quigley converted 4x4's with the harsh ride and less than 2" on the front end before bottoming out on the bumper stops. Additionally I had a pretty bad "Ford coil spring front end death wobble" which is apparently also sometimes an issue in lifted Ford trucks as well.

I had to drive 10 hours to get to Agile, so this meant at minimum an overnight trip. I scheduled the install, showed up, dropped off the van and went for a bike ride and lunch. Considering they were overbooked just before the holidays they did a great job time wise and considering all that labor for only about $500 was a bargain. No way I'd want to do all that myself, even though I am perfectly capable of doing so.

What a night and day difference. The "death wobble" is gone, the dual rate springs are much better (smoother ride) and the added clearance doesn't have me cringing every time I hit a speed bump. Mind you, this is still a stiff suspension, but the improvement was still well worth it and I definitely recommend this upgrade. The kit raised the van almost 2" (I was hoping for less) which is the only way to get more travel and make use of the dual rate springs.

Each van is different, but mine was $2700 total, about $800 of that was labor. Considering I needed to get new steering stabilizers (I have a double) and new shocks att his point anyway, this was a most opportune time to do this.

I now have about 9,000 miles on my Agile Offroad RIP kit. and the bottom line is a great solution to Quigley's oops and I'm still very satisfied. The communication with them via email is a bit slow but they will get back to you. I have found it best to just pick up the phone and call. It's a small shop and for what they do they do pretty well. Great fix to Quuigley's OOPS, I'm curious if Quigley still does these conversions with only 2" clearance??!

Once again if you have the coil spring front end by Quigley, this is a great upgrade.

I will post more photos for this new thread.... as soon as it stops raining!

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Progressive coil springs are nice. As are progressive leaf springs. I know that the rear needed to be lifted to match the front, but those are some really big blocks. Hopefully there’s money in the budget for new leaf springs?!?