Agile RIP is unavailable - what are my alternatives?


FWIW: Two weeks ago I emailed Agile, explaining I had tried to order The RIP kit before with no response. This time John emailed me back, then called back, promptly. We discussed the kit, and I put in an order. I received it within three days (CA to CO) and installed most of it this weekend. I put in four shocks and the two front coil springs, but ran out of time installing the DE-Arched helper spring in the back. First impressions are that this kit is awesome! This is my second Quigley, and there is no comparison to stock. I've been driving up and down my version of the White Rim Trail (AKA 29th street) for several days now, and I have yet to bottom out. With the stock setup, I had to drive around with my mouth open for fear that I would hit a bump and lose some teeth! I think total height gained in the front is ~1.5 inches, give or take.
I rec'd mine within three days as well and it is currently at Mike's Offroad in Bozeman being installed. I really couldn't be more excited to experience the Agile difference!


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Just had my RIP installed. New front springs, add a leaf( full length under the main spring wrapped under the eye at both ends of the spring) with the reverse bend on the bottom load spring. All fox custom valved shocks and steering stabilizer.
After driving driving close to 6 hours on the highway yesterday I cannot properly express how dissapointed I am.......
That I did not do this sooner.
It is difficult to describe how my van has been transformed from a rough riding 4x4 not much better than a 1980,s solid axle chevy.
Now with extra 1 1/2 " of down travel and properly valved shocks the ride is firm but not stiff.
Virtually no body roll even in high cross winds on the highway.
Expansions joints, what expansion joints? Pot holes and rough sections of highway do not exist.
I hope to do some miles in the woods next weekend to see what the difference is off road.
it is not that I did not like the van before, it's just that the kit made it a deferent vehicle . One that can really perform.vimpressive.
Bravo to John and the team at AOR.


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I read to "disappointed" and my heart sunk, and I thought, why didn't you call us for a solution...

Then I read on. Not funny! LOL

I'm glad you are happy with the RIP Kit. We have been installing and shipping as many as we can.

And, thank you for your praise for John and Glen, my partners.

Now that John Brindell has joined Agile Off-Road, and is devoting full time to running the business (something I could never do) we have been even busier, but he is getting people taken care of.

John came to us after 26+ years working and running Off Road Warehouse in San Diego, so he knows the industry and how to run the business. His last three years were spent at FOX Shocks as the Company Sales Manager, so he knows suspension systems.

John and I go back more that 25 years, and he is the perfect man to take Agile Off-Road to the next level and beyond.

He has the Off Road Racing experience and the Retail Off Road Product experience to really help our customers. He is also very well known in the industry, which has helped us to build new strategic relationships with major players in the industry, so we look forward to more exciting product offerings.

Thank you for your kind words!



That's great to hear Ramsey!!!

I too have been really happy with the RIP kit.

It's even better since I switched out the heavy military rims and tires to a more roadworthy setup.

Did you mention that you were working on a long travel IFS setup??
I may have to take another trip west if that ends up becoming a reality!!


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I just wanted to let people know that I have been sending PMs and emails to the many Quigley owners that slipped through the cracks. People who sent requests through multiple means may get duplicate messages from me and some may have already been taken care of - I just don't want to miss anyone that may still want a Quigley RIP Kit.

It will take some time to PM or email everyone as there are several hundred - who knew there were that many Quigley's floating around!

I thought I would also post the message here should I not get to everyone.

Here is the content I am sending:


Ramsey here, form Agile Off-Road.

I'm reaching out to the many Quigley owners that have been patiently waiting for me to get back to them. There are so many of you, that I am replying to all unanswered requests. It is possible that we have already answered your questions or, better yet, you are already a happy RIP Kit owner. If so please disregard this - I just don't want to miss anyone.

As you may already know, Agile Off-Road started out when I converted a 2-Wheel Drive Sportsmobile to 4-Wheel Drive for my wife, Jan, and me to explore Baja and the locals Southern California Deserts. Using my Off Road Desert Racing experience and building 4X4 Prerunners - I used the same Long Travel Suspension technology when converting my van to 4X4.

We attended a Sportsmobile Forum organized event in Anza-Borrego and our supple Long Travel Suspension gained attention. A couple of the Quigley 4X4 Sportsmobile owners asked if there was anything I could do to improve their harsh and unseemly handling. I invited them to the race shop and we set about developing the Quigley Ride Improvement Package - our RIP Kit. After many iterations and combinations of springs and custom tuned FOX Shocks, we came up with a winning combination that radically transformed the Quigley ride.

Those first two Quigley owners posted their praises on the forums and it just took off.

Being just a hobby and not a business, the interest was more than I could handle. At the same time my wife and I were planning our retirement, purchasing a house in the Cabo area of Baja and moving there. We were also faced with the problem of getting enough springs and shocks on a regular basis, and that too created long waits, and requests backed up.

I know many of you were frustrated with me, as was I too... so, I started to shut it all down, but the request were still coming in, along with the 4X4 conversions that we were doing.

Last summer, I started looking for the right person to step in and take over.

On January 1st, John Brindell, left his position at FOX Shocks as Sales Manager and joined Agile Off-Road.

I've known John for over 25 years. I meet him originally at Off Road Warehouse in San Diego and we became great friends.

John worked at Off Road Warehouse (ORW) for more that 25 years, eventually reaching the top positions there and running the operations. When ORW sold several years ago, John saw to the transition for a few more years, then left, wanting to start his own business. That would have happened, but he was quickly snapped up by FOX.

After three years at FOX, he is now President of Agile Off-Road, realizing his dream of being a small business owner, running and growing the business. John is very well respected and well known in the industry, and we are very lucky to have him.

My original partner, Glen Straightiff, is still part of the team and in charge of the shop. Glen is a master fabricator and mechanic who gets the job done.

I am continuing to develop new products and applications, flying back and forth between Cabo and San Diego.

Well, with that introduction and history, let me say that Agile Off-Road is much better positioned to service the needs of your Off Road Vehicles - our specialty is suspension systems and ride improvement, but we do it all.

If you are still in need of a RIP Kit, let me direct you to our RIP Kit Inquiry page. If you submitted this information before, I apologize and still have it, but it will help us if you submit it again.

We have RIP Kits in stock and should be able to handle your request quickly this time.

Thank you,

Ramsey El Wardani


OP here:

The post from Ramsey is interesting, but untrue. Even though I had contacted agile many, many times inquiring about the RIP kit (without response) I never received a copy of the response he says he sent out to "everyone".


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In his post, he explained that he may have missed some folks, so he posted the response online too. Since this is a very old thread, what are you trying to accomplish? Do you still want a RIP kit?
I reached out to Agile in December of 2016 and they provided a timely quote. Followed up again in March to place the order and had no problems getting my RIP package. Had some subsequent questions that were answered timely. IMO, first class experience. Would not hesitate to order from than again and the van ride is greatly improved.

If anybody is interested in a great riding Chevy Quigley 2002 van it's for sale.


OP here:

The post from Ramsey is interesting, but untrue. Even though I had contacted agile many, many times inquiring about the RIP kit (without response) I never received a copy of the response he says he sent out to "everyone".

Steve: I assume you know that Ramsey passed away unexpectedly from a massive heart attack last year. Coming on here and questioning the truthfulness of an email from a person who has been deceased for over a year now is a bit odd. I'd suggest contacting Agile (which is still in business and doing well) if you need additional information. John Brindell, Glen Straightiff, and the crew are a top notch bunch and will respond to your inquiries.

Todd Z.


I recently ordered a RIP kit. I called and the phone was answered immediately. I spoke with John and got the info I needed. I sent in the form. I called again an d the phone was immediately answered by Jesus. He took my order and it was here in 8 days. It was a great experience! It should be installed this week and I’m stoked. Kudos to Agile!


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I have about 25,000 miles on my RIP.
90% of my drive it is on road, and trailering my XJ to go rock crawling, the rest is off road from greens to hard blue trails and beach driving.
Since much of my driving is lightly loaded the rear of the van is higher the front creating an issue with caster,( came from the factory with the ride height about an inch lower in the rear unloaded, after the RIP install and settling the rear is at least 2” higher than the front with the truck empty) it would pull left and on center felt dead when unloaded.John gave me some advice on the caster settings .
Once the caster was fixed the highway driving, on center feel is tight, no pull when empty, and loaded it is incredible, the heavier the better. Smooth and consistent.
Not that I recommend it , but i have had the truck near triple digits on the NJTP following traffic , totally balanced.
Off road its no jeep in tight but has awesome articulation and lost the jarring ride from the stock suspension. I have gotten it places a full size van without lockers has no buiseness being, as well fire roads can be driven much more comfortably with worrying about if every small rock, or pothole is going to dump my coffee on my lap or knock out a filling.
They also valved some front shock for my XJ, cant wait to try them out in spring.
Always been there when i called and helped with any issues .

Awesome job Thank you Agile

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my experience with agile and the rip kit for my 2016 sportsmobile was excellent. the performance of my kit was even better. next to my friends stock smb on the same washboard road there wasnt even a comparison, he immediately got the rip kit when we returned.


Friends have agile rip kit on the quigly's and really really like it, way to go agile for improving that quigley ride and handling.