Agile RIP is unavailable - what are my alternatives?

I now have about 6,000 miles on my Agile Offroad RIP kit.

What a night and day difference. I had the Ford "death wobble" when going about 65mph into a slight right turn and hitting small bumps - VERY SCARY.

After the install my van is now safe and actually fun to drive. I've had it off road a bit, nothing too serious, but enough to notice the smoother ride and city speed bumps are noticeably better.

Mind you, this is still a stiff suspension, but the improvement was still well worth it.

I had to drive 10 hours to get to Agile, so this meant at minimum an overnight trip. I scheduled the install, showed up, dropped off the van and went for a bike ride and lunch. Considering they were overbooked just before the holidays they did a great job time wise and considering all that labor for only about $500 was a bargain. No way I'd want to do all that myself, even though I am perfectly capable of doing so.

The kit raised the van almost 2" (I was hoping for less) which is the only way to get more travel and make use of the dual rate springs.

Bottom line is a great solution to Quigleys oops and I'm very satisfied - I wish the Original Poster would change the headline, or maybe there should be a new Agile RIP thread started?AgileRIP_Installed.jpg
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