Alaska 2009

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I was digging through a old drawer and found a few more old pics of my time in Alaska in 1973. Hopefully you'll enjoy these too! I can't believe It was over 37 years ago I was there!
Very cool pics. Potential old school expo rig in one of them. :) Thanks for sharing those. Love the signature quote too.


Thanks for the comments on the trip.

I was pheasant hunting yesterday. The western part of the state where I live isn't known for it's pheasants, but I usually still get out once a week. Two of us hunted for over 4 hours with only 1 pheasant and a grouse for each. But when you find yourself chasing 2 dogs, 20 roosters pell mell across the praire and laughing your head off you know it's still a good day.

I go back to the central part of the state at least a couple of times of year There is a lot of walk in and some areas to either free camp or statecampgrounds camp especially along the Missouri river. Will pm you about some locations. Your dog should do well if you can hold him within range. Pheasants prefer to run and are fast (See comment above about running).

I usally can get away for a day or two of hunting with very little arm twisting


As for public land the best is in Central SD like "fisher" stated. I always liked the public land around Reliance, SD. Thats probably where I am heading this weekend.

East River is harder to hunt this year than normal especially on public land. The slews are all flooded making it impossible to hunt them.

You can get a book that shows all the back roads and public hunting ground once you reach SD. I think it is put out by the game fish and parks - I always pick up my copy from Cabela's in Mitchell.

I am not sure when you are planning on coming up but the public lands do get a little over hunted. I know of some private ground that has tons of birds but they charge...

You could roadhunt if the public land isn't producing.

I also have (my inlaws) a farm east river north of Madison, SD but we have very few birds this year and most of the good pheasant areas are flooded...


This is the first thread I read through on of the things that made me join..


The one thing I have learned is: If you are the only camper in a wide open area, the next camper will always park right next to you.
I can't begin to tell you how many times this has happened to me. It's like they feel safer huddled together for safety

Great trip report. Maybe some day I'll be able to follow in your footsteps.


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Hopefully I left the right picture, so can somebody educate me on what these trucks are used for? Are the used in the oil fields? If so, for what?

It should be a picture of the trucks with the huge tires on the second page in I think Deadhorse?

thank you!


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What are the trucks for...

We lived in Calgary Alberta for a while and my wife worked in the office of a company called Canadian Foremost. They made vehicles like these for travel over the tundra for oil exploration, drilling and site restocking. The large terra tires allow the vehicles to "float" over the soft ground in all types of weather.

They are in use in the "northlands" all over the world.

My wife just reminded me that they also shipped vehicles to desert areas in the middle east for use on desert sands.

I like to read travel logs like this to Alaska because we too along with 11 other RV's traveled from Phoenix to the arctic circle, around Alaska and British Colunbia for 100 days in 2004. We traveled about the same 10,000 miles. We did it early in the season before the tourists and large travel clubs. We wee back home by mid July.

Had a great time and it is on my bucket list to do again.

If it is your dream to do this, don't put it off too long. Life is for the living........
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Thanks for the write up and the great pics....I love to see people going out and living there live's to the fullest!! :victory:


Great report!
I see you are from Spearfish, one of my favorite places to visit - love the deep fried pickles at Sanfords!


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Awesome write up!! My wife and I have been talking about doing a trip just like this with our kids for a few years. Its very interesting to see and here about the exact same trip we were planning and gave us some insight into what to plan for.

The only thing I wanted to clarify is that the gentlemen/ women that work the "burger window" at the US Ports of Entry are NOT Border Patrol Agents. Though they may secrectly want to be and though they may work under the same branch of Gov't( diff. division), they are not Border Patrol Agents. Office of Field Operations ("smurfs") man the POE's, Border Patrol agents have a responsibilty for all the backcountry in between the POE's. Just wanted to clarify


Thanks for sharing this journey. I would really like to take some time off and take a trip up there.


I have done the inside passage, but not the land route. I look forward to making the trip on land. The wilderness is simply awesome in that region of the world. The photographic opportunities are unlimited, and I can hardly wait to make the trip.


Thanks a lot!
The new and older pictures are very special, back in the youth ;-).
These trip makes me running brain...
The 2 year trip about the young people from switzerland
is a very good idea...

All the best:camping: