Alaska question.


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I am in the process of building a rig for a trip to Alaska. It will be a 2018 JKUR with more than likely a Ursa Minor J30. I intend to spend a little over a month exploring some of the lesser traveled roads in Alaska basically camping and fishing. I will be up there most likely for the month of August and early September. I am not asking for locations but I would appreciate any advice about tackle and flies. I will hit the Dalton Hwy, the Parks Hwy and will probably go down towards Seward also. I am planning on fly fishing exclusively. What weight and length rods would suit me best? I will also take along an 6/8 wt Spey outfit. Would I need a bigger Spey outfit or would this suffice. I hope to catch some of the Pink Salmon run (I will be going in 19). I am of the mind to take as much tackle as I can fit in the Jeep.....and I tend to take more tackle than I normally need. Any thoughts and suggestions would be really appreciated.


I would think an 8wt. spey rod would be the minimum for pinks in Alaska.

I'd also bring a smaller (3-5wt.) outfit for trout, grayling and whitefish if you're into that.


I use a 5wt switch for pinks and have caught a few larger ones and have had no well I caught a 10 lbs coho that was in the mix with the pinks this year and had no issues . Bring as many rods and reels as you can get in there ,then you can try a few different set you build your own rods? On your way up or down you should stop by Vancouver island always a few good beach fishing spots in the summer.