Alaska to Argentina


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Lots of pictures, and don't have to strict a schedule, or plan. Some of the most fun I have had on trips is getting temporarily misplaced (lost) or taking a random turn.


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Agree with R.G. Your route should be general in nature. Also, I would go through southeastern Utah and the Moab area (Arches, Canyonlands, Needles, etc), then the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Give yourself some time to play/enjoy that area. Point Sublime off of the a north rim is spectacular - there are also dispersed camping sites on the North Rim worth checking out and staying at. I just requested to follow you on FB. How about tips for those of us who might consider shipping our vehicle to NZ? Cost, timing, other tips?


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You should run the Ca coast vs stoping at the border. At least North coast / lost coast as far South as Mendocino. Then cut across to the Sierras.


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yes a lot of.
We where there: 1 year N-America, 2 years in S-America and now back in N-America, ready for Australia.

1 all people are very friendly and helpful
2 speaking Spanish would it make much easier: in Brasil Portugies, but Spanish works also sometimes
3 you get all stuff you need: oil, gas, diesel, tools, help ........
4 wonderfull, fresh eating, all the way in S/C-America, sometimes also in USA/CDN
5 dont go in danger areas. We dont had any problems, but other have told us about terrible things
6 we camped not free, only in "campAreas", sometimes secured by the owner (locking the gate) ore in C-America by Security
7 put all gear inside your car, avoiding quick take aways.
8 Secure your Front doors, putting a strap between the 2 doors from your backroom.
9 secure your wheels and gastank
10 take GPS maps from openstreet
11 sometimes it is better to give a "donation" to the policeman, than having much trouble
12 Cross the border only on Sunday - no truck traffic and easy go (1 hour).

and happy traveling

If you need more infos, email me


Give me a shout if you get to Colorado. I may even drive the west coast down to Panama starting 1 November. I've done 6 trips into Mexico, 29 of 30 states plus Belize and into Guatemala.
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