Alaskan Camper Build Up


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Hello Carl !

Just reviving this great thread ;)

By the way, did you end up going with the Energy 1 house batteries and how do you like them, please ?

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Fantastic build report, I found lots of valuable information.
So, here I am re-reading this thread again from when I did the first time over two and half years ago. I just picked up my first truck camper last week and have already started the rebuild to make it suite my need and this thread was one of my first stops for ideas. Thank you once again, for taking the time to start this documentary of your build and to keep it updated as you modify your set up. I will probably be ordering parts from many of the vendors listed based of the experieces you have had with those componets in this thread.


lost, but making time
De nada, WCM.
I have even bookmarked page 16 for the links that Carl collected.
Hopefully, we'll hear from him, soon... He's probably off enjoying and that's better anway !

Ersatzknaf, Thanks for resurrecting this one, I had actually been browsing through Expo this week looking for it. Must be karma.


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Just found this excellent thread from a google Alaskan search, how lucky was that!

So much cool info, thank you for sharing!!!




Just finished reading the entire thread. Great build! Fascinating thread! Look forward to an update!


Some interesting posts recently...

Well moving on, here is the latest addition to the camper after passing my Technician Amateur Radio Exam yesterday:

Yaesu 7800 radio with custom install with radio itself tucked behind the stereo to the right using the remote install kit. Thanks Jarrett! 7wt.

I fab'd at bracket for the antenna and can now install a larger antenna later that folds down when I decide to do so. I just need to work out how to ground it now.
Hi, first of all GREAT thread and an awsome rig. I think I have spent hours on here today and on this build. But when I came across this built-in had to comment.

And to all, remeber your radios, and especially ham rigs generate heat from those power amps and just like a lap top, they need good circulation. Building the rig into a small space and covering it with material might not allow adequate ventilation, especially near a roof and outside wall on hot days, so just make sure the built in fan has air to push. Happy trails!


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This is a wonderful thread!!!

What a GREAT, informative thread! :wings::wings::wings:

Carl, where are you?? :088: Hope you are well and having fun!

UPDATE!:luxhello: UPDATE!:luxhello: UPDATE!:luxhello:



The fresh water tank is 30 gallons and located directly under the settee, no black as we went with a Thetford cassette toilet, Grey is an adapted Thetford cassette identical to the toilet. The gray will typically just drain to the ground as we use biodegradable soap exclusively and prefer to boon dock or if we are on the road and have to stay at a campground the valve can be switched over to the second cassette that is emptied in the same manner as the standard Thetford cassette...El Banyo
I have been considering doing something like this with my gray water. Can you give a few more details or pictures of how this setup works? How big is the cassette?



Hello to all!

I know it has been some time sine I have written on this forum. I was content and happy with my camper and the traveling we have done with it thus far int he last three and a half years. I had been planning to purchase a new truck in tow to three years and had slowly saving and looking at what is available on the market.

Exactly four weeks ago I was awoken by a neighbor who had jumped over our fence at home stating, "your camper is on fire!". The camper was definitely on fire and burning fast. I unplugged the shore power and shut off the propane. By then the Fire Department arrived and poured about 500 gallons of water through the back window they busted out. The camper is totaled, the truck has been totaled and the first fire investigation is blaming the furnace. The catalytic heater was on, as it always was in the winter months. The furnace was not.

After four weeks of going back and forth with the insurance company we came to an agreement that has us taking a loss of more than half on both the truck and camper. Still waiting to here on the contents at this time.

On December 14th there will be another investigation of the vehicle and camper at the salvage yard to further pinpoint the cause of the fire.


So sorry to see this. It's ironic,I had just been thinking about you because I came across the pictures you requested and I hadn't resized and sent yet.
Good luck with the insurance people. I would still like to hear a review of your use of the rig and will look forward to it's replacement build.



Thanks for all the condolences on our loss, it sucks. Truck is totaled based on smoke damage to the interior, I don't think even the Malboro man would want to ride in it now.

Plans our in the midst for a new camper. I was given the okay by my wife to replace with the same or upgrade carefully.

New truck ordered last week; Dodge 5500 Crewcab xl chassis cab

Camper ordered from Alaskan; 13' cube similar to the Unimog builds.

Ute flatbed ordered and on the way

Rickson 20'" mpt81 with srw conversion ordered

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