All Terrain Campers - Panther

Hi Guys,
I wanted to share some photos of my ATC Panther I had built earlier this year. I sold my old truck and camper, a 2000 Tundra with a 2000 FWC Ranger.

For those of you that don't know, ATC will build the camper to your specs so, with the experience gained over the years in the old camper, I had ATC build the Panther with a few mods.

First, here is the old camper. We loved that rig and created wonderful memories with it...

Here is the new ATC Panther. First night after picking it up in Sacramento...

Here is the interior build -

We don't really cook inside the camper so had this SMEV sink combo installed.

We didn't really like the 3 way fridge in the old camper so had the fridge cabinet made into a big pantry.

We shortened the bench and had this cabinet installed on the passenger side.

The Panther is the widest short bed camper ATC makes at 84" wide. I went round and round deciding on the width. The camper is still narrower than my standard mirrors and an inch or so wider than the bulge of the wheel wells.

BTW, ATC makes the Ocelot which is the same camper in either 72" or 78" widths as well as other models even narrower.

We love the width of the isle in the camper.

I have a Rhino Rack Foxwing awning and a couple of solar panels to add to the camper as weather permits. And hope to add an electric fridge freezer.

Happy camping everyone...
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Hello jimjxsn
Nice looking combo you got. I like the Stove/sink combo gives you a burner, for those rainy days or coffee in the am. Lost of counter space. Good storage ideas you came up with, I'm searching ideas in my head for a little more in our Cougar, got plenty under the sofas, but would like a little up above.

Thanks guys. Yeah that's one of the great things about ATC, they are willing to build in the mods you want. I was going to go with just a sink and ran across the SMEV combo used in UK caravans. I found that I could purchase it from Panther RV and had it shipped to ATC.

We used the stove no more than a half dozen times in many years in the old FWC and thought it was a waste of counter space.

The SMEV has a cover over the burner when not in use that we dry dishes on.