Alpicool Fridge/Freezers?


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Well looks like 2 of the MK25 would fit perfectly in my rear galley where I currently have 2 20QT Orca coolers....hmmmm



Alpicool C15 worked great as a freezer for this past weekend's camp trip. With air temps in the 90s the kids loved it when I pull out freeze pops during the day and then drum sticks for dessert at night. Running it as a freezer in those temps did have the compressor working overtime which means it was pulling valuable amp hours from my Group 31. With the ARB 50 on fridge duty, the 100W panel was absolutely required to be deployed during sunlight hours to keep up and have just enough juice to get thru the night. Next time I'll bring an extra 100W panel for a total of 200W to ensure I can top off the battery each day and keep up with the pull from the compressors.
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Thats good to hear. I just picked one up on a lightning deal for $160 shipped. I biggest complaint I seem to read is they go into runaway mode and the compressor never shuts off freezing everything and killing the battery. I might look into a external volatage controlled shutoff.

I also figure for this price I can try and clean up the wiring and maybe improve some if the faults.
@CaliMobber I'd be interested to see what you come up with for the cleaning up the wiring....I assume you mean relocating the temp sensor?