Alu-Cab Hercules Troopy Roof Coversion / Now in the USA!

I find this thread interesting. About a year and 1/2 ago I was also fascinated by the Alu Cab and what they were doing. I already owned a fj60. I knew it would be a long time before they built something for the 60 if ever. I also do not want to spend 9,000 to have one. So I built my own. It went to Overland East 2017. It was on rails at that point. Now for 2018 I have attached it to the roof, matching up to the rain gutters. Lower and looks better. Next is the ballsy part, cutting out the roof. It amazes me how few FJ60s have done something like this. I did have a chance to meet Mr. Alu Cab last year. I doubt I have more then 1,000 into it. Thought you may be interested.
Here are a couple with the top up, both when it was up on racks. Phase one as I called it. It weights about 275 to 300 lbs. I will get to subtract from the total when the roof is removed. I plan on retaining the roof to the post between the doors ( B pillar) and maybe adding some cross support there. When it is all done a wrap around canopy would be a final touch. It is a long term project and that is as much fun as the camping.