Aluminum flat bed options?

I'm curious what people think of the idea of using an aluminum flatbed to haul a truck camper. For background info my truck is an 03 dodge 4 door short bed 2500. I did a little searching and read some threads here on expo with a little success, but wanted a current take on the trends and what options are out there. I've found these: and have heard of UTE, but UTE's webiste isn't great and the number is disconnected. Anyway, any info on this would be good. Thanks~


I have been impressed with this company's builds... they come from the oil fields and ambulance fire eqipuipment world, so there stuff is really well built to withstand punishment.., and they use a proprietary clamp down to flatbed system... they also build the aluminum flatbed for you...
The basics under 7k

That seems kind of high for a flatbed. Right?

You could buy a welder, materials, and a welding class for less money!
Dunno about you but I don't trust myself with a welder, let alone aluminium welding.

But I agree, from the picture shown at the "basics" page it looks a bit expensive for what it is.
Considering you could have a steel one built for less than half that cost, and only weigh a few hundred pounds more...

Yeah, Id say $7k is a bit silly.

They do look to be quite modular though, so it might appeal to people that are interested in adding options late on.
Aluma isnt terrible. A bit on the lightweight side.

They are inexpensive though.

I've shopped their trailers for off-road trailer ideas, and didnt think they would hold up.


Width x Length (In.) MSRP Our Price Approx. Weight (Lbs.)
66 x 77 $1,724 $1,495 200
68 x 87 $1,868 $1,650 225
81 x 87 $2,000 $1,750 275
81 x 106 $2,226 $1,895 310
90 x 106 $2,279 $1,950 345
96 x 106 $2,432 $2,050 350
Yes, I'd have to check but think that's what I was quoted. They have a "heavy duty" kit or something that allows them to carry far more, but the regular duty would carry what my camper weighs wet so it appears to be a viable option based on the numbers. I'm not a crazy offroader so I don't need a super robust build. Would it be cool to have something that is waaaay over built? Of course, but being real with what I do (occasional 4-lo really rough roads and easy trails, but mostly fire roads and such) Makes for an easier and more cost effective build.
So this is something that I have been working on for my tacoma, its pictured with the canopy but is a flatbed/tray under the canopy. I should finally have it in my hands in a month time and released end of year after I put it through some abuse. Also working on a matching camper, and starting on a tray/canopy/camper for my new ram that I picked up

IMG_1845 by chandler coe, on Flickr
This is almonst exactly what I want for my 2003 Tacoma but with an overhang over the cab and a wedge/westfalia type pop top for sleeping.