Amazing, Simple, Legless Camp Table Setup


Caveat: The following works best on a Dodge truck but maybe rigged on other vehicles as well.

Sometimes the wind is blowing the wrong direction to cook on the tailgate. Sometimes my daughter has picked up stray kids and they're up & down the ladder & playing in the truck so it's nice to cook elsewhere.

Here's my new setup. Worked fine first time for me. Hopefully it may work for others.

Look ma, no leg camp table setup

Put plywood slab on 1x2s inserted into channels above rear wheel (either side of truck works. Use leeward side :)

Shim 1x2s tight above tire. I'll be trying to improve this redneck setup but it works well.

Here's a final image of the 1x2s inserted into the channels.


paulj said:
If you feel you need a bit more strength, use oak for the 1x2s.
Good point! Also if one had proper wood working tools, they could mill down 2 larger pieces of wood to make stronger supports and a snugger fit.

Seth Kendall

Finally got back to my house to check out my rig... it will absolutely work. I'm really excited. So, I have a new project for this long weekend besides putting in the new CB, and building my rear cargo platform. Thanks for the great idea.