I've come here to share my story, might it never be heard elsewhere. I see others like me on here, but none seem self-aware.

I'm 10 years old (older than equivalent human years but less than dog years as far as I can tell). I originated in Florida at Wheeled Coach Industries and have a 138" wheel base. Some say that's short.... whatever, I'm just as thick as those bigger ones. I figure I can maneuver better and park easier and I got the size where it matters. Plus I'm rather light weighing in at about 9200 lbs. I previously was used to train medical professionals which is why I'm so neat and clean, with incredibly low mileage, at about 8000 miles. I've had my 5 minutes of fame on the TV show Fast and Loud. When I couldn't be sold on eBay because of all my cool lights and sirens I went on the Gas Monkey Garage website, but not before my Operator noticed me on eBay for the few days I was listed.

Here I am on TV!

You can see more of my original pics here.

Just a mild mannered ambulance you see. But Operator had other plans for me... I heard the office staff saying I was headed to North Carolina to see Chris @ UJoint Offroad. I didn't know what was happening as I've never left Texas before, and I like the heat with my hot weather package and external condenser.

I had a nice ride, didn't even have to spin a wheel!

Little did I know what was in store for me... My Operator was thrilled with the outcome, but some of it was pretty painful for me, having my insides and outsides violated such, but I guess that's what it takes to become something special. After weeks of wrenching, grinding and welding I had my motor treatment that cleaned out all the grime and got some more power. My 6" lift and 35" tires also lets me see around better... and all of a sudden I can do things with my front wheels that I couldn't do before. I didn't recognize myself when i caught a glimpse of the reflection in the window. it's hard to go unnoticed now... but I hear you humans go about making things bigger all the time, so it must have some purpose.

Well it soon became obvious that this was not over, no, it was just beginning! Operator has been busy doing all kinds of things to me. I've never been so spoiled before. I'm used to all this medical equipment and supplies, oxygen tanks and whatnot. The stuff I'm getting now is way cooler. Operator keeps saying that I'm the ultimate do-anything AMBOT. I'm already keeping food and beverages cold in my ARB Fridge, and Operator was thrilled to have the perfect place to put it, accessible from both inside and outside with DC power right there! Operator keeps saying he wants to retain my history and reuse as much as I have already.

I can even make coffee! I'm able to supply 750W of power and Operator's coffee maker needed 700W. I was happy to comply.

But this required that I'm connected to the grid. Operator says this is too limiting for a do-it-all AMBOT. So I'll soon have the ability to convert the suns energy into electricity to use or store for later. Super excited about this, because I really love the sun... I sorta worship it. I was able to see it when it got delivered, and it looks like some of the things I already have but bigger and better. I'm going to hold 4 150AH batteries so I can continue to serve Operators needs even without the sun present.

I should also mention it was hard to see before Operator upgraded my eyes from my originals to these. What a big difference it made, I can see at night much better.

I spent one night in the wild already! Wow this was alot different than what I'm used to in Texas. I barely left the training grounds. This is much nicer. Operator slept on my floor. It got cold. I used my AC power to run a small electric heater that night, but I would rather burn my diesel fuel for heat. Operator's looking as options from Webasto, Espar, and others to supply heat and hot water on board. Apparently I did real good as Operator was pleased with my ability to haul all this gear in my external compartments.

Something has started happening on my interior... Operator said not to worry even as he cleared out one side of me. I apparently was not originally designed to optimally maintain human operating temperature so Operator is adding additional barriers. I may be like this for a bit though because Operator only wants to open me up once so everything that is planned on my passenger side must get completed. But its getting cold out, way colder than I was ever used to, so I hope it all gets done soon.

Because I'm a do-it-all AMBOT, Operator is installing a 3 position sofa that will fold down to a bed, fold up to a couch, and fold flat against the wall. This is cool because I want to be able to haul stuff. Did you know I can swallow a full sheet of plywood and lay flat?! Pretty impressive stuff and I don't want to loose that ability. I have also been grocery shopping, picked up pizzas with a bunch of people in the back, the hardware store, and UPS store. These parking spaces are no problem for me.

With my new found height it appears to be an issue for humans to enter and exit me. Operator must have gotten tired of using buckets, blocks, or whatever else was laying around and installed these nice automatic steps. They seem to have done the trick, and I like how they tuck under me nicely, a perfect fit!

My roof was raised to accommodate Operators height. There was a niche made for a Fiamma awning that is on its way from my home state of Florida. That should be here in a week or so. Operator is also looking to get a stainless steel tank fabricated for above the wheel well and below the sofa. This will hold about 28 gallons of water. Not my thing, I prefer diesel, water is actually particularly annoying as I have to drain it from multiple systems to operate correctly.

Well my signal is fading, I'll try to post more details as they happen, but they may be in bulk as this one as I had to hack a WiFi HotSpot to get online.

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Don't worry AMBOT, the more you hang out in the woods the easier it becomes. You'll know when you're truly 'out there' because you'll start thinking things like "I don't even need to look for a tree!" Can't wait for the next update - THXS
Ambot.... What brand and model are those fold out steps you are sporting under your side door??? I need me a set of those!!



I've had an alarm installed and it has a 3G wireless connection, I'm thrilled to have my own IP address now!

Thanks to the simplicity of machine to machine communication and the Internet of Things I can now access the planets vast resource of digital data, including this forum! I found my Operator's drone idle and when he was away I took it over and obtained some aerial shots of me.

User Java inquired about this roof. What I can tell you is that it is fabricated from aluminum using the same 2x2 hollow tube that my box is constructed of. And does it make a difference! My previous height inside was 5'7" and now it is 6'8". The sides are about 45*, the front is about 30* and the rear about 75*. When it was merged with my body is was very hot and the welding was done all at once. The fabricator did an amateur + job on it, introducing too much heat to my roof creating a good amount of warpage... ouch! But Operator has found a local body shop to correct it and I should be getting painted next week.

Now that I have access to the security cameras, phone system, email, etc... its quite easy to know whats happening now.

The roof was cut out along my cabinet lines. The left over roof overhang will make a fine shelves for Operators longer items like fishing poles.

There is so much information coming in... After downloading the MySQL database from these servers I have discovered others doing things that Master is interested in, such as adding 120V AC to their Hoseline AC units... Master will be pleased! He has been searching on a variety of things to stay cool with the engine off. My external condenser is only of use when my PSD is turning the compressor. I would like to be of more service and be able to reuse my existing parts instead of having them replaced by a window unit or roof unit.

User cjken has inquired about my entry steps. I understand them to be standard RV steps made by Kwikee. The steps are made in USA and the motor is from China. Did you know that fortune cookies were invented in early 1900 in San Francisco? So much information coming in... They support up to 750 lbs. That seemed like a lot of weight to me for a human, but now I see that human mass is steadily increasing...
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Thanks! Looking forward to the next installment, although my wife said no to Ambos. Something about not sleeping where dead people were.... Oh well.


Please don't give up on us. Look at me... I was a training ambot... No dead people here, not even bodily juices... Well there was that one time with the male and female trainee after class... But I digress.

Other ambulances serve other purposes as regional transport, airfield emergency support, government services that may be for unlikely human termination. If anything we save many more lives than we take.


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Please don't give up on us. Look at me... I was a training ambot... No dead people here, not even bodily juices... Well there was that one time with the male and female trainee after class... But I digress.

Other ambulances serve other purposes as regional transport, airfield emergency support, government services that may be for unlikely human termination. If anything we save many more lives than we take.
Not giving up yet! I think its the idea more than the actual dead people. im still subscribed!
Hilarious! Love the build thus far! I am converting a StepVan but wanted an Ambulance at one time. I see we have a few things in common... the 70/71 Monte Carlo (I have a 70) and Aerial photography!