AmboVan Restarted


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Just read the entire thread from start to finish. So inspiring! What’s AmboVan up to these days? My fiancé and I are researching to build our own rig for a round the world trip!


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Nothing Major...

So, next big step is getting the topper on - Which is back with the painter, because the paint never cured - Seems to be a material problem, but is sucks for the painter guy because he has to get the old uncured paint off before he can try again - Crappy work. I pretty much need to get that top on before I start on the interior, since there is aluminum supports to be welded, etc, so I'm a bit stuck until I get it back. However, I dont think there is anything holding me back from painting it, going to get pricing this week, and got the last exterior work needed before it goes to the paint shop (a different one!)

A few pics of little projects keeping me occupied...

New seal between the cab and the box

Window tint - Legal at the cab, limo tint on the box

New diamond plate at the front of the box

Couple more barrel locks - This one on the main entry

Painted the side view mirrors - Looks better than the battered white

In the last pic, weather tore up my shade again, this time collected on the top, and collapsed the whole top structure onto the van - Back to working in the sun for a while.
Hey Tony I'm looking for a source to buy that exact seal from. If you could point me in the right direction that would be awesome. Btw your work is amazing. I love to see such motivated and talented people accomplish things like your Ambovan