An Axe - Seriously?

Axe is handy, but makes for exhausting work here in Michigan. You get into the big woods camping and a wind storm developes may cut through the first few trees with ease...but after about twenty or so...and your arms will be wishing they were holding a chainsaw. For those that don't carry a chainsaw, best time to wheel/explore is in the fall, after the bear hunters have cleared most/all of the trails (while running their hounds).

Sure you can probably travel some of the major trails year round, but for the trails less'll be turning around a lot. And, in my opinion...that's not what I'm out there for. Backtracking/turning around is painful to the "get-where-l-intended-to-go" mindset.

I agree with the last few posts, an axe is nice to have, but I get a lot more use out of the hatchet for firewood and I carry a 50cc chainsaw for everything else. Live by the old adage, work smarter, not harder.
I carry a Collins "boy's axe", that I bought used 40 years ago. I might have paid $10 for it?? Back then Collins made very good axes. It has had a number of handles, nothing fancy, just a nice size for most things I want to tackle with an axe.
yes, there are always better/easier tools but I don't always bring a chainsaw, plus a splitting maul is kind of specialized, rather have an axe. In years of off roading and camping I've used mine quite a bit.
honestly dont know its weight... guess i could check? I do know I hand weighed it against 2 splitting mauls in my garage and it was lighter.. I think one was a 6 and one was 8... though I guess I could have an 8 and a 12?? I need to go check that.... (I know I dont use the heavy maul was more fun in my younger years)

>edit< so I took a scale out, the axe is 6#, my light maul is 10# and my heavy is 12# ... no wonder I think my axe is a one hander lol