Another two Sportsmobile design failures.


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Amazing that people are FINALLY seeing *some* light. Still very sad to see how LOTS of others are still in the dark however.
Lots more to come.........

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Taking into consideration the notion that Sportsmobile West sponsors this very sub-forum ... it would seem incumbent upon somebody from that organization to comment here, at least to the point of demonstrating an effort made to address some of the rather serious concerns and observations that have been made in this thread.

It's probably unfair to presume that all Sportsmobiles are prone to these kinds of failures ... but there's certainly been enough evidence presented in this thread to date to indicate that some Sportsmobiles are suffering rather serious failures of specific components or systems.

Sportsmobile West ... what say you?


I no longer have a dog in this fight.........but that's some funny stuff right there. ^^^^^

What say you?..............What say you?.....................What say you?..................................Echoooooooo <crickets>


A few years ago, I was looking into Sportsmobile. The more I looked, the less interested I became. Now, I have no interest in them whatsoever.
Couldn’t agree with you more, went ahead and had mine custom built by a trusted fabricator.

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This is so horrible. smb has always supposedly been a #1 van builder, now it comes to light all these long time issues, everyone been subjected to smoke in mirrors.


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I will say this about Aluminess, their customer service is second to none. I’m sure if you contacted them they would take care of you. I know I had a few issues, and Kenny at Aluminess was great to deal with. Very friendly, and his customer service was the best I’ve ever had anywhere.

As far as the interior build out goes, DIY is the best way to go. It saved me thousands and my interior is exactly what suits me. I just could not see paying someone else that was not going to pay attention to detail and quality and still charge me for it.


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You're right, its easy to fall in love when your planning on buying one which has the tendency of causing you to view things in a less than accurate light.

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There's nothing wrong with their 4x4 system on an E350 and in fact it's top notch. It's the interior that's the issue. That said, I'm a happy camper with mine. Not much to complain about.


How much of this was SMB vs the owner? I dunno about when this was made, but when I bought my SMB it was custom build, IOW the owner could decide what to put on.

And they had aluminum bumpers, but I'd never install them, and this is why. Seems like the rear doors was Aluminess' problem, not SMB. And again, why pick a bumper like that? maybe little offroading experience? I'd say the same thing about an awning. I'd never hang something like that off my van. Sorry.

I realize that inexperienced drivers might rely on SMB for advice, and they are probably somewhat justified in relying on an assumption that if SMB puts it on here it must work. But I've worked with a number of fabricators and customizers, and just because they can do something doesn't mean they—and the owner—should do something.

Sorry you had a bad experience. Probably a good idea to sell it; lots of interest in vans right now so probably a good time.


How much of this was SMB vs the owner?
Hahaha. Yeah, it was the owners fault that the Amsoil system was installed backwards and the electrical systems looked like a retarded kid installed them.

Stormlover is right, about the only thing that was dead solid perfect on my van was the 4WD system. Too bad between the shoddy electric, crappy engine (not SMBs fault) and awful particle board - I never got to exercise the 4WD like I would have wanted.

Edit: I just read this last gem to my wife and her exact words were....lolz

“Clearly the dude has not had to:
1. Replace the [clamshell] window,
2. Figure out how the volt meter is wired wrong
3. Deal with the leak on the passenger side
4. Figure out what the hell is squeeking and try to fix it.
5. Whoa, what happened to the radio just then? (Silence)
6. Wait, where did this wire come from?
And so on....
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Amazing that people are FINALLY seeing some light. Still very sad to see how LOTS of others are still in the dark however.
Lots more to come.........
I have never own one, but friends of mine do and I marvel at the "Emperor new clothes Syndrome" that comes with this things, I'm a industrial designer, a very Murphy's law driven designer and some of the details in this things are a total joke..

Aluminum on a bumper that is also a "MUle" Come on DOM or 4130 or at least select the proper aluminum to a complete heat treatment before/after welding

FYI: this is how you WELD