Another UK Vario !!


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Yes I have gone and done it!
I have been using a Ford Transit self-build for the last few years which has provided many happy holidays for my family. However after trips to the Overland Show and seeing lots of cool rigs I hankered after something bigger and more robust. I realised I couldn't afford a full on overland truck so came to the conclusion that a Mercedes Vario would do everything I wanted and be a lot stronger than your average white box motorhome (not my thing!).

I figured that as my son grew taller we could look round for one in a few years time. I kept an eye on the classifieds, as you do, just to see what turned up but with little intention of buying anything. Then all of a sudden one Saturday night home-alone with a few beers this appeared. I realised an opportunity like this may never happen again and by Sunday lunch-time it was mine! Let me introduce you to the ex Hampshire Fire dept Vario. Mint condition (probably been kept indoors) with full service history.



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Thanks for all your comments. Was hoping for diff-lock and air con. Unfortunately not on this one. It is totally rust free been serviced every year since new by the fire brigade. It might be at AO 17 but only as it is. I can't afford to convert it till I sell my transit. As we have a family holiday booked to France in it that won't happen till August. Gives me lots of thinking time anyway :)
Probably take that long to get the damn stickers off!
Thanks Antony


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Well done you! That's a tidy looking van.

I'm slowly progressing my own Vario conversion - a similarly clean ex-Metropolitan Police van which I bought in September.

I look forward to seeing your progress