Any Columbia Clothing fans in here?


Anyone enjoy the price per dollar ratio of Columbia clothing? My family and I have an extensive list of Columbia gear and everything has performed beyond expectations.
I really enjoy Columbia's price point compared to other brands I've purchased. I need to find some new pants for hiking/everyday


My wife and I just bought a pair of their hiking boots recently. After a couple dozen hikes, I'm very satisfied with their product. I would buy their product again if in the market.


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A lot of bang for the buck if you ask me. There isn't a shirt I own by Colombia that let up on me including a peach variant of blue one seen in the photo that I received as my first Colombia shirt 6 years ago. I occasionally stray off and buy other brands but Colombia hands down has some of the best quality in my opinion and are just downright comfortable to wear!:wings: However, I can only really speak for their variety of fishing shirts. When it comes to jackets, pants, cold weather clothing, etc. I stick with North Face, MK, Kuhl, and Carthartt.
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I have a bunch of new Columbia wear. ALL of it performed as intended. their PFG shirts like the one you have on there, are awesome for general wear as well. cool, comfortable, and easy to take care of.!