Any longtime riders quit for good?


At the end of the day it's not my passion for riding or the inevitable injuries, expenses, and time and money away from home that give me pause, it's the overwhelming amount of idiots on the road who text and drive today. I am not sure if I want to play the numbers game anymore and down here you have to use a lot of main roads in order to get to the less traveled ones, it's impossible to completely escape the cagers.
That's exactly what the problem is for me. I used to always say that if I died on my bike, it would be because of a deer - they are so damn unpredictable! Now, I think it would be a texter. Damn them all!

But I can't seem to muster the courage to sell the bike...


That's exactly what the problem is for me. I used to always say that if I died on my bike, it would be because of a deer - they are so damn unpredictable! Now, I think it would be a texter. Damn them all!

But I can't seem to muster the courage to sell the bike...
Just got back from 800 miles round trip of western Montana and think it will be a while before I get back on. Third time this summer it has been more aggravating than enjoyable.

The distractions the other drivers have, the traffic and I am tired of the RV guys with trailers that have trouble with a sedan much less than a Class A or a full size pickup and fifth wheel trailer. It is just scary. Just plain lack of respect for the road and other drivers is getting bad.

I can't sell yet either, but I am not looking forward to riding anymore.


Well my Triumph has sat in storage for a few months now, and I realize that I still love riding but can't face the idea of getting wiped out on the road. I think I'm for sure selling the bike. Maybe I will put more time/money into the Honda XL that I have and make it a better trail rider.

It's funny, selling my gear didn't bum me out at all like I thought it would. Heck I spent many cold nights sleeping bundled up in my Darien and have seen some amazing places riding/wearing it. But after I washed it and put it for sale it was just another coat. Feels good to make space in the closet.


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I too am another motorcycle rider on "hiatus" of sorts. I have had my endorsement for over 25 years and probably ridden some ~150k miles, including years where I only had a bike.

But, now my desire to ride has really subsided. For some time, my beloved FXST has been collecting dust. Like the OP and others, I too have wondered if perhaps I had a good run, and best not to tempt fate.

Anyhow, I don't have the urge to ride it, but also don't want to sell it.

I figure time will tell.


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I considered continuing sitting it out as you can see from my previous post in this thread, but I decided life is too short not to enjoy ones self. The visceral experience of riding on two wheels is only bested by flying small aircraft and I simply can't find another way to satisfy that need at the moment (an airplane isn't in the cards for the time being lol) so I am getting back in the saddle next month. I will be taking nicely farkled up Africa Twin on a Colorado BDR and then bringing her home as my own to help ease the recent stress and my undying hunger for adrenaline and adventure.



Ooohhhh! That Africa Twin looks sooo nice!
I'm having trouble giving up my '01 R1150GS. There's not a chance in hell I could give it up if that Honda was in my garage!
I hope you have many, many happy miles on that beauty!


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Well, I've decided to give it up. My '02 R1150GS is going up for sale. The bad thing is I completely up graded tires, brake line, risers, grips, seats, tune up with valve adjustment, all new fludis and a brand new set of Bumot 40L cans with racks and tool box just last January. And still have not ridden more than a couple hundred miles to assure everything worked, shame, shame.

I haven't ridden since last fall and just don't have the desire or inspiration anymore.
I've been on a motorbike of some sort since I was 5 years old and at near 65 just don't feel it at all anymore. My Jeep and old Lund boat have kept me plenty busy and enjoy having the Wife and mutt as camping partners as well.

Not saying I'm giving up on riding, just yet, but selling my GS will leave me bikeless for the first time since I sold my Harley to buy a house 35 or so years ago. With no desire to ride I just think it's time to have a bit more "together" time than out enjoying the country by myself. And all my riding buddies have sold their bikes as well!

The GS is going on the block but.................


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In my opinion, if you are starting to ask yourself whether you want to keep riding, then it's most likely time to pack it in. We all know how unforgiving MC riding is if we aren't fully focused on the ride. Being ambivalent about riding doesn't help you stay alert and focused. It's better to have happy memories of your riding career rather than a horrible memory of a career ending crash.



See I'm doing this backwards from you. I'm going from 422 hazard more places I can go on two wheels cheaper as I can on four wheels that being said I also spend more time alone up in the mountains so driving a gas-guzzling Jeep or Ford ranger does not make much sense financially. That being said I now have a 2018 KLR did I ride almost anywhere every chance I get. Motorcycles don't take up much space I have two in my garage right now, always excuse a hop on the old girl and take her for a quick short spin down to the gas station to buy smokes or beer or what have you or if the paycheck was a little short you can always write it to work for a week to save some dollars