Any running the new MotoZ Tractionator Adventure tires?

Motoz now on two of my bikes

I just put Motoz Tractionators on my KLR and they seem to do very well. The front does follow cracks a bit but no more than the TKC does. On my KLX 400, I put on the Motoz Desert HT but have not done enough riding to have a decision yet. One thing for sure, they do a lot better when riding slab to a trail than my Kenda Track Masters did. I will have a better opinion in a month.
I'd be interested in seeing how long they last. I've had good luck running the K60 f&r on my KTM 950. They last a looooong time even beating the hell out of them. I do say though they require a bit of a pressure drop to do well off road, I drop em to about 27 to inspire any confidence in the dirt. I carry an electric pump for when I hit the tarmac again.