Any running the new MotoZ Tractionator Adventure tires?


Motoz now on two of my bikes

I just put Motoz Tractionators on my KLR and they seem to do very well. The front does follow cracks a bit but no more than the TKC does. On my KLX 400, I put on the Motoz Desert HT but have not done enough riding to have a decision yet. One thing for sure, they do a lot better when riding slab to a trail than my Kenda Track Masters did. I will have a better opinion in a month.


I'd be interested in seeing how long they last. I've had good luck running the K60 f&r on my KTM 950. They last a looooong time even beating the hell out of them. I do say though they require a bit of a pressure drop to do well off road, I drop em to about 27 to inspire any confidence in the dirt. I carry an electric pump for when I hit the tarmac again.
Curious about these as well. I’ve run their sand tires on my woods bike, but considering these for a 450 EXC for running base rock and gravel fire roads, and some pavement.


@gatorgrizz27 you may want to check for an answer on advrider. The only thing I can offer is a buddy put them on his Africa Twin. We live in the south Jersey Pines so our main off-highway conditions are sand. He reports good performance in the sand. His complaints are the front tire cupped badly in about 4k miles that led to a shake felt thru the bars. Also, they got much louder as they wore. The rear had some life left so he gave it to another friend with an AT. That friend spooned the used rear on, installed a new front Shinko 804/805 & took it to Vermont for the touratech rally. He reports good off highway traction in that environment & also complained of the highway noise.
Both riders have switched to Shinko 804/805 with the original guy on his 3rd set. Reports wonderful on & off highway performance that is preferred over the MotoZ without the noise. The downfall is treadlife....804/805's are done in 4500-5k miles


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I ran the MotoZ rear tire on my 1190R and will not use them again. I ride 90% on road 10% off road and the on-road traction is marginal at best and completely unacceptable in wet conditions. They are also the loudest tire I have ever used. I know lots of people on the 1190R ADV forum like them for off road however. The trade-offs for long lasting tread are really noticeable on this tire. BTW am now running Scorpion Rally STR's. Here is a pic with the Scorpion rally.