Any Service in Germany to handle the export of a MB truck to USA?

Hi all, still going round and round about which chassis to get for our expedition RV. Just looked at a 2010 Fuso FG and was a bit disappointed with the amount of rust (it might still work out but will be more work than I hoped). So, now I am rounding back to a MB AF truck. So, has anyone used or know of a reliable/reasonably priced service in Germany that code handle the delivery/inspection of the truck on that end? The delivery would be to which ever port for shipping. I could eventually go to Germany to do this myself but I was thinking if there was a service (with someone that speaks English) it might be a bit easier in the long run.


No direct connection with them as my truck was already here, but the shipping documents show it was shipped from Bremerhaven, Germany to Port Hueneme, CA by Horizon Auto Shipping Inc.
So while I can not give you direct feedback on them at least they are familiar with this size vehicle as the consignee has shipped at least 4 big trucks using them.
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