Anybody used a Kovea Camp-1 ?


Anybody here used a Kovea Camp-1 remote canister stove?

I'd like to get a canister stove to complement my MSR Dragonfly multifuel cooker & have a second burner when car camping (or occasional full-gourmet motorcycle camping expeditions) Would like something fairly sturdy & stable so it can handle a good size pot, but not too huge to pack. Being able to adapt it onto a refillable propane bottle also appeals.

We have tried our old cheap tabletop cooker but it totally loses it's mojo in cold temperatures - I think those nozzle type canisters only come in straight butane which doesn't help.

I also looked at the Jetboil Half-Gen but it may be bigger than we need, it is over 2x the price & I'd have to import one I think as I haven't seen anybody selling them in NZ. Any other suggestions welcome.



it is made in S.Korea ... and it is one of the best selling stoves here in Korea ..

actually most Snowpeak stoves are made by Kovea ..