Anyone fly fish in stillwater?


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where I live stillwater is your most accessible option with brownwater streams and rivers .coming second

I started fly fishing in the 70's....a cork popper and an 8wt
now I have dozens of outfits...2 to 11wt...5 feet to 10 feet in length

I carry a 4pc 9ft 6wt with me wherever I go
sometimes it's too heavy, sometimes too light
however I've netted 4 foot gar and four inch trout with it.

I've used a 10wt for pike and gar but it is way too much for your average freshwater venue
I usually recommend 4-7wt rods with 5-6wt being the easiest to master and the most fun in use
9 foot rods seem to be the standard length now

you can walk into a cabela's or basspro and walk out equipped (adequately) for under a 100usd
btw...where I live they are my fly shops, prior to that it was kmart

the tenkara rod mentioned above is fun when bluegill or bass are close to shore but can be somewhat limiting, it isn't where I would start

most shops will teach you how to fish this way and be more than willing to sell you what you need

good luck!


Still water is fun; just got back from a weekend of still water fishing in Wyoming. We got into rainbows, brookies, and cutties. Beautiful property, well managed fishery, and an all around good time. I'm also a big fan of fishing the front range alpine lakes in the summer time. Always a beautiful hike in and the fish, while smaller, are typically eager to play and attack with reckless abandon. Makes for a fun afternoon. I use a 9' 5wt, for what it's worth.


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I'm kinda busy building a house but have been out a bit for flat water flies. Local lakes are stocked with rainbows and browns and back in the Spring the were all hungry for top water flies. Bought a new 8' 3wt a couple years ago and have been using it when I can. Not many things that much fun with your clothes on. When we lived in AK my 10 and 12 wt rods got used a fair amount on Kings in the Kenai River. I'd love to chase tarpon someday but the 3 wt is probably more fun with a 16" trout in fast water.

Keep your powder dry and your flies wet.