Anyone have a high mileage LR3?

'07 SE V8 with 189k as of thanksgiving day 2017. Second owner. I do all the work. She is like my one touches her but me...have an extensive to-do list with the goal of hitting 500k...original power/drivetrain btw...

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We made it to 192K miles with our 08' LR3. At about 45K miles the air suspension went out and a front wheel bearing. We were the 2nd owners but got an extended warranty. All was covered luckily. Shortly after that the parking brake acted up, again luckily replaced under the extended warranty! After that we ran relatively trouble free for the next 80K or more (control arm bushings on one side at some point) then the check engine light came on. It was diagnosed as both cat's needed replaced. Since I do not need annual inspection where I live I said forget it. Then the parking brake acted up again (in truth it was my fault this time) and then finally at 192K the air suspension went out for the 2nd time.
We limped the truck to the dealer and with literally THOUSANDS of dollars in problems we traded it in on a newer LR4 and got another extended warranty.
No complaints about the LR3, it served us well and we ran the hell out of it. The transmission and engine were always super solid and we towed a large trailer all over the country and Canada with it. Hoping for the same service out of our new LR4!
Over 198,000 when I got rid of mine. Loved the truck but the repairs were getting too costly.

Outside of wear items I had to do the following:
- hood latch sensor
- emergency break failure
- several others that escape memory
- cooling system issues were looming
I bought an '06 with 155K miles for $5500 as a winter beater/kid truck. single owner but no service records except the dealer. In the last year I've done some reasonable maintenance/prevention. New cooling hoses and t-stat, tires, brakes, bearings, calipers, undercarriage cleaning. Front shocks and air suspension. Hopefully that will be it for a while. Currently at 176K. If you are buying a luxury truck that cheap, expect some work.
150k on a very neglected LR3 for me(previously neglected).

The rubber bits wear out, bearings wear out, compressors get old, plastic gets brittle. Basically the same as every other vehicle just that there seems to be more here. Solid axle rigs vs independent suspension like on the LR3.. The LR3 rides like a Caddy but control arms are going to go out.

Any LR3 owner that is committed to their truck for awhile should simply remove every control arm from the vehicle(bushings really).

Right now i'm dealing with a bad steering rack that is leaking because of neglected control arm bushings causing wheels to transfer movement through the tie rod and wear things out. Leaving me with the realization of above.

I got mine a couple years ago for a killer deal of $7,000 with 120k miles knowing it had some rust and neglect.. Would have been MUCH better off spending 10k if that helps you on your search.

A clean 200k mile LR3 will give you less headache than a "dirty" 100k LR3.
221k+. Running strong. 2006 LR3. A little leak here and there because of old age. But I constantly take it on long road trips. Just replaced my cracked thermometer housing, coolant hoses, and left rear tailgate strap thing that broke off.