Anyone heard of Acela Trucks before?

Yes but again remember 1st for FMTV is 6.93 and only 4.14 for the M900s . And Steel Soldiers is rife with accounts of T1138-11s “blowing up “
as too blowing up they are behind 8.3's.. not these smaller CATs. As too first.. does this T-Case T1138-11s have a low range that would drop all the gears lower (numerically higher)? On the 3700sp first is realistically more equivalent to 1st gear when a T-case is in low range. Only available in the FMTV's if in 4wd mode. 2cnd gear in 3700sp is more equivalent to first gear in a tranny with a Typical t case in 4wd high range or 2wd.
LMTV M1078 A1 vehicle description
Wheel base3900 mm (153")
Vehicle curb weight (no kits, crew, fuel)7809 kg (17216 lb)
Payload2268 kg (5000 lb) plus kits
Towed load5443 kg (12000 lb)
Maximum speed (governed, at gross weight)94 km/h (58 mph)
Range: 58 gal (219 L) nominal645+ km (400 + mi)
Maximum grade/side slope60%/30%
EngineCaterpillar C7 ATAAC (air-to-air after cooler) HD diesel, in-line 6-cylinder, 4-stroke-cycle.
Displacement7.2 L (441 cu in)
AspirationTurbocharged, air-to-air after cooler, EPA 07 certified.
Rating205 kW (275 hp) @ 2600 rpm
Torque1,166 Nm (860 lb-ft) @ 1440 rpm
Fuel typesDiesel, DF-2, JP-4, JP-8, VV-F-800.
TransmissionAllison 3700SP, fully automatic/select 7 speed, electronically controlled, full-time all-wheel drive.
Front wheels30% torque
Rear wheels70% torque
Overall axle gear ratio7.8 : 1
Ouch only 5000lbs? Not much wiggle room for a camper build out.
So, I hate to say it but I backed out at the last minute with my Acela/XP Camper build. As I was looking through these pages of trucks for sale, I came across a Mercedes 1017 with a GVX camper box, flew out to Colorado and bought the rig. All in all comparison, I think the 1017 is one of the best chassis you can travel with. I have it at a shop in Colorado where I'm doing some upgrades to my specs, then off to cruise the world in November 2019!