Anyone make anything like the Camp Cover tool bag?

Check out They have a Yorktown KOH tool roll that's meant to carry a toolbox' worth of tools. I'd link to it but my phone isn't cooperating.

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Dang, that CampCover is much closer to what I need than all the usual suspects. I'm currently stashing all my tools in a quarter panel area which is tall but narrow. Most wrench-rolls and other "hold a million tool" bags end up too thick to easily get through the opening. I'd rather subdivide into smaller kits with multiple bags like you've posted.
#5 to do a sneak peek on our ATC "Trail Attaché" but, it's in "test and evaluation" right now and there is too many spies around. We'll see what we bring to OE East 18! Thanks!
All US made materials, hand patterned, hand cut, three different textiles, 37 individual pieces hand sewn together at 8300 feet in the Rockies in 10 hours to create the custom tools/gearbags for the incredible EarthRoamer 4x4 Camper! Once finished, this one will be installed in #ER204 for the next proud owner!

Not our "Trail Attaché " but an example.......of what a new item for 18 OE East! See ya a REEB! IMG_2953.JPG
I don't really see how the CampCover and SuperRoll are in any way similar...

I've been through quite a few tool bag and case setups... the Atlas46 Yorktown Roll is my favorite. Zip pouches are the perfect balance between organization and flexibility. And the wrench organizer on the backside is actually functional - every wrench roll I've tried never fits my wrenches. The yorktown carries all my primary tools like ratchets, sockets, wrenches, bits, torx/allen, etc. Then I also have a BucketBoss SuperRoll for infrequently used things like gasket makers, tape, zip ties, hose clamps, adhesives, etc. And finally I have a BucketBoss Tool Roll for my 'heavy hitters': pliers, vise grips, hammer, punches, files, oil filter wrench, cutters, etc. Those 3 tool bags sit in my car full time.